Why MCH's involvement/expansion in the area of Regional Art Fairs?

MCH aims to expand its range of services and to make its product portfolio more international. Enhancing MCH's position in the global market of art fairs and platforms is part of its strategy.

Art Fairs are important for regions, providing strong connections to the community, galleries, art, partners and institutions. They are a platform for established and emerging regional artists. Strong regional art fairs are important for the global market.

Globally, there has been tremendous growth in regional art fairs in the past ten years. It is the right moment to bring added investment to a burgeoning regional art fair market.

What will MCH contribute to the fairs, how will new fairs change? Will they become more international?

MCH will enable the elevation to the next level of development, cementing the leadership position of the regional art fairs in the according regions. This will include in particular sharing knowledge and expertise regarding the offered services – physical and digital.

How will MCH brand its regional art fair portfolio?
MCH Group will retain the regional fairs’ brand integrity. MCH Group is a "house of brands", not a "branded house".
Will MCH rebrand the fairs?
No. We will keep the individual fairs and local brands. We respect the existing DNA and the status of regional fairs.

Will MCH develop new regional art fairs by itself?

No. MCH is looking for appropriate potential partners and possibilities of promising collaborations.

Who are the potential partners of MCH?

MCH is in contact and discussion with different art show organisers. Two of the partners MCH Group is in discussion with include SME London and Angus Montgomery, rekindling the association forged through Art HK, founded by Tim Etchells and Sandy Angus, which MCH Group then acquired. Alongside other potential partners, MCH is also in contact with the responsibles of Art.Fair that will be developed into Art Düsseldorf in 2017.

Which exhibitions will be part of MCH's portfolio of regional art fairs?

MCH will announce its engagements when projects will be matured and decided.

Who will operate such co-operative art fairs?

The regional art fairs based on partnership will be operated by separate, locally located and autonomous teams. Regarding existing fairs, it’s planned to keep current structures in place.

Who is responsible for this strategic initiative within MCH Group?

MCH Group has built up a new business unit "Design and Regional Art Fairs" which is separate from Art Basel. It is managed by Managing Director Marco Fazzone. Previously Marco Fazzone was Director of Finance and Resources of Art Basel. He has a lot of experience and a great network in the art market.

What is Art Basel’s part in this strategic initiative?

Art Basel has no involvement in this strategic initiative of MCH.