Corporate Responsibility

The MCH Group’s corporate activities are sustainable right the way through. The group’s marketing platforms and solutions contribute to the success of a large number of companies. And they have a major economic impact at their respective locations, with the local communities ultimately benefitting from this in the form of taxation income.

The MCH Group is committed to the stable and healthy development of the group, with the aim of securing its long-term success for the benefit of all stakeholders. The corporate development of the MCH Group, which is based on a future-oriented growth strategy, gives equal consideration to the interests of customers, the locations of Basel, Lausanne and Zurich, and private shareholders.

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Corporate Governance

In respect of the principles of corporate governance, which are geared to the interests of the shareholders, the MCH Group adheres to the relevant provisions of the current legislation and the Directives issued by the SIX Swiss Exchange. The company’s basic fundaments – namely its Statutes and Regulations, as well as its information and control instruments – include all the essential principles to ensure that the company is managed and supervised with good corporate governance.

The MCH Group also bears responsibility to this same extent for the environment, society and its employees.

Corporate Principles

(Excerpt from the Corporate Mission Statement)

  • We exercise our business activity with integrity, and on an honest and open basis. We respect the rights and interests of our employees and, to the same extent, the legitimate interests of third parties with whom we have relationships.

  • We undertake to observe all the laws and other regulations of the countries in which we are active.

  • We reject any active or passive – direct or indirect – bribery and the granting of illicit advantages when awarding contracts.

  • Outside our company group, we do not engage in any activities or economic commitments which could conflict with our obligations towards the company group.

  • We ensure that all our employees work in conditions that are safe and do not endanger their health.

  • We make every endeavour to shape the relationships with our customers, business partners and suppliers in as beneficial a manner as possible for both sides. In our business dealings, we expect our partners to work on the basis of guidelines that are compatible with our corporate principles.

  • We inform our shareholders regularly, reliably and in good time of our business results and our financial situation as well as of the key activities of our company group.

  • Being part of society, we assume our social responsibility in the national and local communities in which we are active.