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MCH Group is building a new portfolio of leading regional art fairs. This is part of its strategic aim to expand its range of services and to make its product portfolio more international.

The portfolio will be built through partnerships with experienced partners and could include joint ventures, acquisitions and new art fair launches. MCH Group is in contact and discussion with different art show organizers and is currently examining potential partnerships and projects. The regional art fairs will be operated by separate, locally located and autonomous teams.

To manage this strategic initiative, MCH Group has built up the Business Unit "Design and Regional Art Fairs", managed by Managing Director Marco Fazzone. The development of the regional art fair portfolio by MCH Group does not affect the globally leading Art Basel shows. Art Basel is not involved in this independent strategic initiative of regional art fairs.

As the first step in realizing the ambition to create a portfolio of leading regional art fairs, MCH Group has taken co-ownership in India Art Fair, in partnership with the co-owners Angus Montgomery and the founding director Neha Kirpal.


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