100 Years MCH Group: the Anniversary Quiz

Published on 7/12/2016 by Christoph Spangenberg

What was the name of the former trade fair for the nuclear industry in Basel? What catastrophe occurred in 1923? Which famous logo adorns the facade of Beaulieu Lausanne? Test your knowledge of the MCH Group in the Anniversary Quiz.

Jubiläum Quiz MCH Group

1.What was the name of the "International Trade Fair for the Nuclear Industry" held in Basel between 1966 and 1981?

a) Kerntech
b) Atomic
c) Nuclex

Nuclex. Find out more about it here: Rise and fall of the Nuclex nuclear exhibition.

2.Which world-famous logo adorns the façade of Beaulieu Lausanne?

a) Olympic rings
b) McDonald's

The Olympic rings. You can read here why these adorn the Beaulieu façade.

3.Which catastrophe occurred on 16 September 1923 at the Swiss Sample Fair in Basel? 

a) Fire
b) Tornado
c) Flood

A fire destroyed nearly all the exhibition halls. You can find out herewhy this was actually a "welcome" catastrophe.

4. How many visitors came to the first Muba (Swiss Sample Fair) in 1917?

a) 300'000

300 000 visitors. It was out of
this first fair that the current internationally operating MCH Group developed..

5.What name was given to the Congress Center inaugurated in 1984 that belongs to Messe Basel?

a)Congress Center Basel (CCB)
b)European World Trade and Congress Center (WTCC)
c)International Congress Center Basel (ICCB)

European World Trade and Congress Center (EWTCC). You can find out here how the CCB came to be founded.

6.The headgear of which messenger of the gods features as part of the former Sample Fair logo and still adorns Hall 2 in Basel today?


Mercury. You can find out here what the significance of the logo is and how it was modified over the years that followed.

In the light of the group's history, the questions relate primarily to the Basel location. Anecdotes, photos and videos from the past 100 years are posted on the anniversary website: www.100jahrezukunft.ch/en

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