What is MCH's "Global Collector Events Strategy"? 

MCH's "Global Collector Events Strategy" is part of MCH's corporate strategy and formed by the four pillars of Art Basel, Masterpiece London, Grand Basel and Design & Regional Art Fairs. With new initiatives at Art Basel (Art Basel Cities, Art Market Report) and the development of the new portfolio of regional art fairs, MCH Group is continuing to expand its globally leading position in the art market. In addition to this, MCH Group will be active in further high-grade "collector-market" segments – with Grand Basel in the automotive sector and with Masterpiece London in cross market disciplines – and will be staging fairs at further locations in Europe, the USA, Asia and the Middle East. 

Why MCH's shareholding in Masterpiece London?

Masterpiece London is the perfect match for MCH Group’s "Global Collector Events Strategy" as an important part of its corporate strategy. It unites collector groups from different sectors and holds great development potential as it can be staged at additional locations in the USA, Asia and the Middle East. In the course of this expansion, MCH Group and Masterpiece London will be able to benefit from MCH Group’s extensive experience in the art collectors’ market and also from the corresponding synergies. 

What was the price paid for 67.5% of the shares in Masterpiece London Ltd?

The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

How will Masterpiece London be integrated into MCH Group in organisational terms? 

Masterpiece London will remain under the direct management of its Managing Director Lucie Kitchener. The team will remain based in London. It will be integrated into the “Global Events” division as a new business unit under the leadership of CEO René Kamm. Philip Hewat-Jaboor will continue as Chairman of the Fair. The three founders, Harry Apter, Simon Philips and Harry Van der Hoorn will continue to support the management team in the Board, together with Board Advisor, Ruth Kennedy.

Who is Lucie Kitchener?

Lucie Kitchener joined Masterpiece London in January 2017 as Acting Managing Director, now she  takes on this role permanently. Most recently, Lucie was a partner at Kennedy Dundas, a brand and business consultant in the luxury goods and services sectors. Lucie joined from The Rug Company which is a leading global brand in contemporary handmade rugs where between 2012 and 2016 she served as Sales & Marketing Director and then Managing Director. Prior to this, Lucie worked at David Linley & Co, the bespoke furniture and design business. Lucie has also held senior marketing roles in Rank Hovis McDougall, United Biscuits and PepsiCo.

At which additional locations is Masterpiece London to be launched? And when?

The management is currently clarifying the additional future locations. It will be able to make definitive statements on this, once arrangements have been made with the corresponding partners at these locations.

What does Masterpiece hope to achieve by expanding?

Masterpiece has established itself as a leading international art fair. Since its first edition in 2010, its outlook has become increasingly international, not only through the exhibitors and artworks it presents, but through the collectors, museum figures and patrons it attracts. London will always remain a vitally important focus and in addition Masterpiece is also looking to take the successful Masterpiece event and format to U.S, Asia and Middle East, with a view to increasing the interdisciplinary fair offering around the world. 

What sets Masterpiece London apart from the MCH art shows and fairs? Is there no competition between them?

The Art Basel platforms on three different continents, in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong, cover the high-end segment of the global art market for modern and contemporary art. These are platforms for 250 to 300 top galleries in each case, as well as for professional and private collectors and art lovers.

Masterpiece London is an interdisciplinary art fair that is not focused on one market discipline, but rather integrates exhibitors from every major market discipline, including ancient and contemporary art, rare books and photography, design and antiques, jewellery and ceramics. It has a unique focus on cross-collecting, offering a depth and spectrum of works not seen at MCH’s other art shows and fairs. 

The regional art fairs are regionally significant art exhibitions with their own regional "DNA". They contribute to strengthening the regional art markets and, ultimately, to strengthening the global art market too.

What is MCH's role and contribution to these fairs? 

All of the MCH collector events have their own unique DNA. They have different exhibitors and collector bases and are complimentary and distinct from each other. They will be run by their own autonomous teams and will retain their own unique concepts and branding. MCH Group can contribute its extensive experience as a fair organiser and also its comprehensive network of live-marketing service providers (Live Marketing Solutions). 

Will Art Basel and Masterpiece share details about collectors?

No confidential material as visitors data will be shared between the two fairs. Art Basel and Masterpiece will continue to operate separately and autonomously.

Will MCH Group be looking to add other business units to the Global Collector Events Strategy?

Art Basel, Masterpiece London, Grand Basel and Design & Regional Art Fairs are the four pillars that form the Global Collector Events Strategy. Currently MCH Group have no further plans to develop any additional pillars under the Global Collector Events Strategy. 

Don’t you feel like this market is already overcrowded?
We do not believe the market is overcrowded. In fact, we have seen Masterpiece establish itself as an increasingly successful fair year-on-year. Masterpiece has a unique offering. Its focus on cross-collecting introduces new and established collectors to disciplines that they may not have considered before. Masterpiece also gathers the leading galleries and specialists in every major market discipline, making it an invaluable meeting place and forum for education

Will vision and branding of Masterpiece London change with the new expansion and ownership?

Masterpiece will maintain its vision and unique offering. Its exhibitors will continue to be the leading galleries and specialists from around the world. They will present exceptional works of art from every major market discipline, including ancient and contemporary art, rare books and photography, design and antiques, jewellery and ceramics, to new and established collectors. Masterpiece will keep its unique offering. Masterpiece London has no plans to change the branding of the Fair.

Are there any changes regarding Masterpiece London 2018?

Masterpiece London will remain in its current format, which has proven to be very successful. Masterpiece London 2018 will take place as previously at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. The dates for the 2018 edition are 28 June – 4 July (preview: 27 June).