In February 2017, MCH Group acquired a 25.1 percent holding in art.fair International GmbH in Cologne, the organiser of the new art fair ART DÜSSELDORF. 74.9 percent of the company are held by the co-owners Andreas Lohaus and Walter Gehlen. MCH Group has the option of acquiring a majority stake in the next years.

It is the declared aim of MCH and ART DÜSSELDORF to make the latter into the leading regional art fair in Germany, the Benelux region and the Rhineland and to make it into a magnet for the entire regional art scene. Responsibility for ART DÜSSELDORF will remain in the hands of the existing team at art.fair International GmbH under the leadership of Andreas Lohaus and Walter Gehlen. ART DÜSSELDORF will take place for the first time from 16 to 19 November 2017 and will be accompanied by its "sister fair" of BLOOOM and the international art competition BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER.


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ART DÜSSELDORF co-owners Walter Gehlen (Founding Director and Partner of ART DÜSSELDORF), Marco Fazzone (Managing Director of Design and Regional Art Fairs, MCH Group), René Kamm (CEO MCH Group) and Andreas Lohaus (Founding Director and Partner of ART DÜSSELDORF). © Nils vom Lande