Corporate Development

The overriding objective of the MCH Group is to ensure its long-term business success for the benefit of all stakeholders. Its success is based on implementing its corporate strategy, which it is further developing all the time.
The corporate strategy, which has been consistently pursued for more than ten years now, is aimed at stable and healthy growth. Taking the average figures for the period from 2005 / 06 to 2015 / 16, the MCH Group has been able to double its operating income, and increase its EBIT by more than 80 %. It has thus considerably expanded its market position both nationally and internationally.

The MCH Group’s growth strategy is focused on the following strategic thrusts:
  • expanding the range of services offered in the field of marketing platforms (exhibitions and events) and marketing solutions (live marketing solutions);
  • further boosting the international nature of the product and services portfolio;
  • developing digital offerings to complement and extend the live-marketing business.
The MCH Group’s strategic thrusts have to be viewed against the backdrop of a company that still earns most of its operating income in Switzerland, where it already has a very strong market position and where there is only limited potential for further growth. The nationally focused exhibition market is approaching saturation, and Switzerland is increasingly losing importance as a sales market for active and potential client groups. Added to this come the negative consequences of the strong Swiss franc.

The digitised world constitutes another huge challenge, given that in years to come, "digital natives" are going to become the key decision-makers. It is thus indispensable to anticipate the changes, requirements and opportunities of the upcoming digital generation in good time and to exploit the corresponding potential for supporting and complementing the live marketing business.

Expansion of Live Marketing Solutions

In January 2016, the MCH Group set up the MCH Global AG company to boost and focus its strategic and conceptual competence within the Live Marketing Solutions division and to link this with its implementation competence. In April 2017, MCH Group has acquired a 100% holding in MC2 ("MC-squared"), a recognized leader in the exhibit and event marketing industry in the U.S. In this way, the MCH Group is able to serve locally and globally active clients in all the important markets – Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East – and engage all live marketing channels.

"Global Collector Events Strategy"

MCH Group's "Global Collector Events Strategy" is formed by four pillars: Art Basel, Design & Regional Art Fairs, Masterpiece London, and Grand Basel. With new initiatives at Art Basel (Art Basel Cities, Art Market Report) and the development of the new portfolio of regional art fairs, MCH Group is continuing to expand its globally leading position in the art market. In addition to this, MCH Group will be active in further high-grade "collector-market" segments – with Grand Basel in the automotive sector and with Masterpiece London in cross market disciplines. In the next few years, MCH Group will be staging these fairs at further locations in the USA, Asia and the Middle East.