Corporate Development

The overriding objective of the MCH Group is to ensure its long-term business success for the benefit of all stakeholders. Its success is based on implementing its corporate strategy, which it is further developing all the time.
The corporate strategy of the MCH Group, which has been consistently pursued for more than ten years now, is aimed at stable and healthy growth. It takes into account the declines in the national exhibition and event market as well as the challenges of digital transformation.

The MCH Group’s growth strategy is focused on the following strategic thrusts:

  • Diversification of the range of products and services offered in the field of marketing platforms (exhibitions and events) and marketing solutions (live marketing solutions).
  • Boosting the international nature of the product and services portfolio.
  • Development of digital offerings to complement and extend the live-marketing business.

In the 2017 financial year, the MCH Group implemented and launched a large number of strategic initiatives in order to further diversify, internationalise and digitise its business activity. These included organic initiatives with the launch of Grand Basel, among other things, and also takeovers, with the acquisition of the American MC2 group and holdings in Masterpiece London and Art Düsseldorf.

The implementation of its strategy is being pursued as the group’s number one priority. The most important strategic initiatives:

  • The MCH Group is intending to expand its position in high-quality international collectors’ markets with new, curated B2C platforms. The collector events strategy is based on four pillars: Art Basel (including new initiatives such as “Art Basel Cities”), Grand Basel, a new event for outstanding automobiles (to be expanded in the USA, Asia and the Middle East), Masterpiece London (to be expanded in the USA, Asia and the Middle East) and the extension of the portfolio with regional art fairs.
  • In the national exhibition business, the portfolio is to be geared to stable profitability and further streamlined. At the same time, new topics are to be taken up and new formats created, such as SmartSuisse, which was established in 2017.
  • For Baselworld, the MCH Group is intending to focus on the industry leaders to an even greater extent, since they will continue to account for a major share of the market in future too. Concepts are to be developed for the future that are geared to the common denominator of the industry leaders’ requirements.
  • In the live-marketing field, the competences and the range of services offered in the field of strategic and conceptual consulting are to be further reinforced and expanded in the current financial year so as to be able to anticipate and satisfy market developments and customer requirements to an even better extent. The establishment of the “Agency of the Future” is to be supported by structural and organisational optimisations, among other things.
  • The MCH Group is investing further in the digitisation of its business activity. At the forefront here are the development of new digital platforms for the collector events, the digitisation of visitor marketing, and event technologies for the transfer of information, matchmaking and enhanced "augmented reality" experiences.