• Sale of the 65.0 percent stake in Seventh Plane Networks Private Limited in New Delhi (India), the organiser of the India Art Fair, to Angus Montgomery (HK) Ltd.
  • Sale of the 25.1 percent stake in art.fair International GmbH in Cologne, the organiser of the art fair Art Düsseldorf, to Angus Montgomery (HK) Ltd and TFI Ltd in equal shares.

  • Merger of MCH Global AG, Reflection Marketing AG, Techno Fot AG, Rufener Events Ltd and Oceansalt LLC into MCH Live Marketing Solutions AG. All the Swiss LMS companies are now united in a single company.


  • Sale of Winkler Livecom AG to its management and a private investor

  • Renaming of Expomobilia AG as MCH Live Marketing Solutions AG

  • Handover of the operation and marketing of the Beaulieu Lausanne location to the Fondation de Beaulieu


  • 67.5 % shareholding in Masterpiece London Ltd.
  • Acquisition of MC2, a leading event marketing service provider in the U.S. 
  • Acquisition of 24.1 % of art.fair International GmbH, the organiser of Art Düsseldorf.
  • Acquisition of 60.3 % of Seventh Plane Pvt. Ltd in New Delhi, the organiser of India Art Fair.
  • Founding of MCH Global Ltd. in Basel/Zurich.


  • Acquisition of Reflection Marketing AG in Dübendorf (now Wallisellen).
  • Twenty-percent holding in German stand construction company metron Vilshofen Gmbh.
  • First Art Basel in Hong Kong; 245 galleries, 34,900 visitors.
  • Opening of the new hall building at Messe Basel, designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron (Hall 1 South) to replace the building in front of the old Halls 1 and 3 and also the "Rosental" building by a two-storey complex over Exhibition Square (the "City Lounge").
  • Acquisition of 60 % of Asian Art Fairs Limited in Hong Kong; acquisition of the remaining 40 % in 2014.
  • Inauguration of the new South Halls at Beaulieu Lausanne.
  • Acquisition of Beaulieu Exploitation SA in Lausanne; renamed MCH Beaulieu Lausanne SA as part of its integration in the MCH Group.
  • Renaming of "Messe Schweiz AG" and "Messe Schweiz (Holding) AG" as "MCH Group AG" and introduction of the new claim of "Global Live Marketing".
  • Acquisition of Rufener Events Ltd with Oceansalt LLC in Zurich.
  • Acquisition of Expomobilia AG in Effretikon (today: MCH Live Marketing Solutions AG).
  • Acquisition of 40 % of Exhibit & More AG in Fällanden; acquisition of the remaining 60 % in 2010.
  • Opening of the new Theater 11 in Zurich.
  • Acquisition of Winkler Veranstaltungstechnik AG in Wohlen (today: Winkler Livecom AG); a start made on building up the new "Event Services" business area.
  • Completion and commissioning of the tower building on the Basel exhibition site.
  • First Art Basel in Miami Beach; 160 galleries, 30,000 visitors.
  • Founding of Reflection Marketing AG in Dübendorf (now Wallisellen).
  • Merger of "Schweizer Mustermesse AG" and "Messe Zürich, AG für internationale Fachmessen und Spezialausstellungen" under the newly founded holding company "Messe Schweiz AG"; listing of the holding company on the SIX Swiss Exchange.
  • Conversion of the "Schweizer Mustermesse" cooperative in Basel into "Schweizer Mustermesse AG", a joint stock company with the participation of public sector entities as per Article 762 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.
  • Opening of the current Hall 1 North at Messe Basel ("Hotz-Halle") to replace the complex between Isteinerstrasse and Riehenstrasse dating from the 1920s.
  • Inauguration of the new exhibition centre at Messe Zürich.
  • Founding of Winkler Veranstaltungstechnik AG in Wohlen (today: Winkler Multi Media Events AG).
  • Official introduction of the designation "Messe Basel" for the "Schweizer Mustermesse" cooperative in Basel.
  • Introduction of the company designation "Messe Zurich" and IPO of the renamed joint stock company "Messe Zurich, AG für internationale Fachmessen and Specialausstellungen".
  • Opening of the new Musical Theater in Basel.
  • Founding of Rufener Events Ltd in Zurich.
  • Construction of the underground car park at Beaulieu Lausanne with 580 parking spaces.
  • First watch and jewellery fair held separately from the Swiss Sample Fair, with exhibitors from outside Europe for the first time; 1784 exhibitors, 91,000 visitors.
  • Construction of the Congress Center Basel to replace the "Basler Halle" built in 1934/43.
  • Conversion of the "Zürcher Spezial-Ausstellungen" cooperative into a joint stock company.
  • First "Habitat-Jardin" held at Beaulieu Lausanne; 115 exhibitors, 41,300 visitors.
  • Construction of the car park at Messe Basel.
  • First Swissbau in Basel; 314 exhibitors, 40,000 visitors.
  • The staging of international trade fairs included in the statutes of the "Schweizer Mustermesse" cooperative in Basel.
  • Holding of the first "European Watch and Jewellery Show" in the framework of the Swiss Sample Fair; 712 exhibitors (no visitor numbers available).
  • Founding of Expomobilia AG in Effretikon.
  • Founding and initial edition of Art Basel; 110 galleries, 16,300 visitors.
  • Opening of the "Stadthof 11" (now Theater 11) in Zurich.
  • Construction of the former Hall 3 at Messe Basel ("Rosental" building).
  • First HILSA, International Exhibition für Home Technology in Zurich; more than 200 exhibitors, 47'190 visitors.
  • The "admission of non-Swiss products" included in the statutes of the "Schweizer Mustermesse" cooperative in Basel.
  • Construction of the first exhibition hall in Zurich; followed by extensions in 1963, 1969, 1978 and 1982.
  • Construction of the North Halls at Beaulieu Lausanne.
  • Construction of the former Hall 6 at Messe Basel, which now houses the Musical Theater.
  • First trade fair in Basel: Holz - the Swiss trade fair for wood processing; 90 exhibitors and 16,000 visitors,
  • Construction of Hall 2 at Messe Basel (with a circular courtyard).
  • Construction of the South Halls at Beaulieu Lausanne.
  • The first Züspa held in the indoor stadium (Hallenstadion) in Zurich; 170 exhibitors, 45,000 visitors.
  • Conversion of the private Swiss Sample Fair Cooperative in Basel into a public-sector cooperative of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.
  • Inaugural meeting of the Zurich Special Exhibitions Cooperative in the "Braustube Hürlimann" restaurant on Bahnhofsplatz in Zurich.
  • Destruction of four out of five of the wooden halls on the Basel exhibition site by a big fire. Subsequently, construction of the first definitive hall where Hall 1 is located today, and extension of the complex southwards (1926 building added in front of the former Halls 1 and 3) and northwards (1935 the current Hall 3 is built).
  • Construction of the first massively-built halls on the site of the current Messe Basel.
  • Construction of the "Grande Halle" in Beaulieu Lausanne.
  • Decision by the parliament of the Canton of Basel-Stadt to found the Swiss Sample Fair Cooperative in Basel.
  • Inaugural meeting of the Société coopérative du Comptoir Suisse in Lausanne.
  • First Swiss Sample Fair in the City Casino ("Centre I") and in a hall by Basel's German Railway Station ("Centre II"); 831 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors.
  • Agreement of the government of the Canton of Basel-Stadt to hold a "Swiss Sample Fair".