• Sale of Winkler Livecom AG to its management and a private investor

  • Handover of the operation and marketing of the Beaulieu Lausanne location to the Fondation de Beaulieu


  • 67.5 % shareholding in Masterpiece London Ltd.
  • Acquisition of MC2, a leading event marketing service provider in the U.S. 
  • Acquisition of 24.1 % of art.fair International GmbH, the organiser of Art Düsseldorf.
  • Acquisition of 60.3 % of Seventh Plane Pvt. Ltd in New Delhi, the organiser of India Art Fair.
  • Founding of MCH Global Ltd. in Basel/Zurich.


  • Acquisition of Reflection Marketing AG in Dübendorf (now Wallisellen).
  • Twenty-percent holding in German stand construction company metron Vilshofen Gmbh.
  • First Art Basel in Hong Kong; 245 galleries, 34,900 visitors.
  • Opening of the new hall building at Messe Basel, designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron (Hall 1 South) to replace the building in front of the old Halls 1 and 3 and also the "Rosental" building by a two-storey complex over Exhibition Square (the "City Lounge").
  • Acquisition of 60 % of Asian Art Fairs Limited in Hong Kong; acquisition of the remaining 40 % in 2014.
  • Inauguration of the new South Halls at Beaulieu Lausanne.
  • Acquisition of Beaulieu Exploitation SA in Lausanne; renamed MCH Beaulieu Lausanne SA as part of its integration in the MCH Group.
  • Renaming of "Messe Schweiz AG" and "Messe Schweiz (Holding) AG" as "MCH Group AG" and introduction of the new claim of "Global Live Marketing".
  • Acquisition of Rufener Events Ltd with Oceansalt LLC in Zurich.
  • Acquisition of Expomobilia AG in Effretikon (today: MCH Live Marketing Solutions AG).
  • Acquisition of 40 % of Exhibit & More AG in Fällanden; acquisition of the remaining 60 % in 2010.
  • Opening of the new Theater 11 in Zurich.
  • Acquisition of Winkler Veranstaltungstechnik AG in Wohlen (today: Winkler Livecom AG); a start made on building up the new "Event Services" business area.
  • Completion and commissioning of the tower building on the Basel exhibition site.
  • First Art Basel in Miami Beach; 160 galleries, 30,000 visitors.
  • Founding of Reflection Marketing AG in Dübendorf (now Wallisellen).
  • Merger of "Schweizer Mustermesse AG" and "Messe Zürich, AG für internationale Fachmessen und Spezialausstellungen" under the newly founded holding company "Messe Schweiz AG"; listing of the holding company on the SIX Swiss Exchange.
  • Conversion of the "Schweizer Mustermesse" cooperative in Basel into "Schweizer Mustermesse AG", a joint stock company with the participation of public sector entities as per Article 762 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.
  • Opening of the current Hall 1 North at Messe Basel ("Hotz-Halle") to replace the complex between Isteinerstrasse and Riehenstrasse dating from the 1920s.
  • Inauguration of the new exhibition centre at Messe Zürich.
  • Founding of Winkler Veranstaltungstechnik AG in Wohlen (today: Winkler Multi Media Events AG).
  • Official introduction of the designation "Messe Basel" for the "Schweizer Mustermesse" cooperative in Basel.
  • Introduction of the company designation "Messe Zurich" and IPO of the renamed joint stock company "Messe Zurich, AG für internationale Fachmessen and Specialausstellungen".
  • Opening of the new Musical Theater in Basel.
  • Founding of Rufener Events Ltd in Zurich.
  • Construction of the underground car park at Beaulieu Lausanne with 580 parking spaces.
  • First watch and jewellery fair held separately from the Swiss Sample Fair, with exhibitors from outside Europe for the first time; 1784 exhibitors, 91,000 visitors.
  • Construction of the Congress Center Basel to replace the "Basler Halle" built in 1934/43.
  • Conversion of the "Zürcher Spezial-Ausstellungen" cooperative into a joint stock company.
  • First "Habitat-Jardin" held at Beaulieu Lausanne; 115 exhibitors, 41,300 visitors.
  • Construction of the car park at Messe Basel.
  • First Swissbau in Basel; 314 exhibitors, 40,000 visitors.
  • The staging of international trade fairs included in the statutes of the "Schweizer Mustermesse" cooperative in Basel.
  • Holding of the first "European Watch and Jewellery Show" in the framework of the Swiss Sample Fair; 712 exhibitors (no visitor numbers available).
  • Founding of Expomobilia AG in Effretikon.
  • Founding and initial edition of Art Basel; 110 galleries, 16,300 visitors.
  • Opening of the "Stadthof 11" (now Theater 11) in Zurich.
  • Construction of the former Hall 3 at Messe Basel ("Rosental" building).
  • First HILSA, International Exhibition für Home Technology in Zurich; more than 200 exhibitors, 47'190 visitors.
  • The "admission of non-Swiss products" included in the statutes of the "Schweizer Mustermesse" cooperative in Basel.
  • Construction of the first exhibition hall in Zurich; followed by extensions in 1963, 1969, 1978 and 1982.
  • Construction of the North Halls at Beaulieu Lausanne.
  • Construction of the former Hall 6 at Messe Basel, which now houses the Musical Theater.
  • First trade fair in Basel: Holz - the Swiss trade fair for wood processing; 90 exhibitors and 16,000 visitors,
  • Construction of Hall 2 at Messe Basel (with a circular courtyard).
  • Construction of the South Halls at Beaulieu Lausanne.
  • The first Züspa held in the indoor stadium (Hallenstadion) in Zurich; 170 exhibitors, 45,000 visitors.
  • Conversion of the private Swiss Sample Fair Cooperative in Basel into a public-sector cooperative of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.
  • Inaugural meeting of the Zurich Special Exhibitions Cooperative in the "Braustube Hürlimann" restaurant on Bahnhofsplatz in Zurich.
  • Destruction of four out of five of the wooden halls on the Basel exhibition site by a big fire. Subsequently, construction of the first definitive hall where Hall 1 is located today, and extension of the complex southwards (1926 building added in front of the former Halls 1 and 3) and northwards (1935 the current Hall 3 is built).
  • Construction of the first massively-built halls on the site of the current Messe Basel.
  • Construction of the "Grande Halle" in Beaulieu Lausanne.
  • Decision by the parliament of the Canton of Basel-Stadt to found the Swiss Sample Fair Cooperative in Basel.
  • Inaugural meeting of the Société coopérative du Comptoir Suisse in Lausanne.
  • First Swiss Sample Fair in the City Casino ("Centre I") and in a hall by Basel's German Railway Station ("Centre II"); 831 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors.
  • Agreement of the government of the Canton of Basel-Stadt to hold a "Swiss Sample Fair".