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The "Vereinigte Hüttenwerke" of Zurich

Published on 2/26/2016 by
MCH Group: Vereinigte Hüttenwerke von Zürich, Messe Zürich

Until the exhibition centre was built, the Zurich exhibition halls were scattered around the Hallenstadion (indoor stadium) in a patchwork arrangement. The local population rapidly came up with a nickname for the Zurich Exhibition site.

The locals called the Zurich exhibition site the "Vereinigte Hüttenwerke", the German term normally used for an iron and steel works, but one which also translates as a conglomeration of huts. Opposite the unbuilt plot of land on which the new exhibition centre was to be built in 1998, Hall 3 was located at the south east corner of the indoor stadium. The stadium itself formed Halls 4 and 5. On its western side was Hall 6. Today, the old tram terminal loop is located there, although it is no longer in use.

A subway took visitors to the other side of Thurgauerstrasse where Halls 7 and 8 were located (now Halls 9.1 and 9.2). Both were directly linked to Hall 9 and the Stadthof 11 (today Theater 11). The three halls and the theatre used the same sanitary facilities and the same cloakroom. Hall 1 was located to the south of the indoor stadium, and Hall 2 to the east of it.

Since the new exhibition centre has been built, visitors no longer have to walk any distance between the different halls. The new building houses a total of seven halls. Only Halls 9.1 and 9.2 are in separate buildings.

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