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European World Trade & Congress Center for Basel

Published on 3/4/2016 by
MCH Group Congress Center Basel

Events like the OSCE meeting show quite clearly: Basel is an important congress city. The starting signal for this development was given in 1971 when former Swiss Sample Fair director Frédéric Walthard took up his post and introduced his overall concept.

Trade fairs had traditionally been held in conjunction with specialist conferences and symposia. The main focus of Walthard's overall concept was to promote congresses, specialist conferences and seminars that either accompanied trade fairs or were staged independently. This new strategic thrust, however, required an extension of the infrastructure.

First of all, Messe Basel set up five conference rooms in the main building in 1976. Then, a congress centre was planned to replace the former Congress Hall 8, which was also known as the "Basel Hall". In 1984, after two and a half years' construction work, the European World Trade and Congress Center (EWTCC) was inaugurated. With the new Congress Center, the exhibition site in Basel had more than 203,000 square metres of room space to offer and was now one of the five biggest exhibition sites in Europe. The congress business has been a key mainstay ever since then. Hence, in 2014, 25 congresses were held in the Congress Center Basel (CCB) with 17,977 participants, and a further 214 events were also staged there.

MCH Group Baslerhalle Basel
The former "Basel Hall".

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