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How the army prevented Muba from opening in 1999

Published on 4/15/2016 by
Muba 1999 (MCH Group)

It was the first and only time: in 1999, Muba was unable to open on time, even though the exhibition stands had been erected and the exhibition management and politicians had arrived. A Swiss army manoeuvre was to blame.

On the opening day of Muba in 1999, soldiers were holding a military exercise on the Gotthard. At the same time, in Ticino, which was featuring as the host canton at that year's Muba, the "CIAO Basilea Ticino" delegation was wishing to fly to Basel. Unfortunately, the Ticino delegation was not permitted to take off while the manoeuvre was running. Their plane had to wait 1.5 hours before it was finally allowed to depart. And so those in Basel waited patiently for the delegation from their host canton to arrive. Hence, Muba 1999 was the first and only Muba to open late.

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