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Royal visit to the Comptoir Suisse

Published on 5/6/2016 by
Comptoir Suisse 1957, Ibn Saoud (MCH Group)

Several wives, numerous children and armed bodyguards – that is how King Ibn Saoud Abdul Azis of Saudi Arabia visited the Comptoir Suisse in 1957 (photo). Since it came into being, the trade fair has welcomed many foreign kings and presidents.

In 1961, King Paul I of Greece and his wife, Friederike of Hanover, visited the Comptoir, and in 1973 the first president of Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba, went there too. In 1959, a world-famous name signed the visitors' book: Louis Napoloéon Bonaparte, head of the house of Bonaparte and successor to the French ruler, although without an official function at that time.

In 1960, Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand was a guest (photo). He was far from being a stranger to Switzerland. Back in 1933, his mother had sent him here for his education, and he obtained his baccalaureate at the secondary school in Lausanne. It was in the same city in 1946 that he became betrothed to Sikrit, who naturally was with him when he visited the Comptoir. Bhumibol is still the King of Thailand, making him the world's longest-serving head of state.

Comptoir Suisse 1960, Bhumibol (MCH Group) 

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