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Inconceivable today: construction of 1st exhibition hall in Zurich

Published on 5/27/2016 by
Radmesse Zürich 1962 Hallenstadion (MCH Group)

The first exhibitions in Zurich were staged in the "Hallenstadion" (indoor stadium). But this was much too big for small exhibitions. To ensure that events were not lost to competitors, the "Zürcher Spezial-Ausstellungen" cooperative decided, at the end of the 1950s, to build a hall of its own. The approach adopted back then would be inconceivable today.

"We must urgently endeavour to do something positive now, otherwise a lot of options will be closed to us for ever, given that we have repeatedly received enquiries for smaller exhibitions which then ultimately make their way to the Kongresshaus in the Zürichtor", state the minutes of the Board of Directors' meeting in November 1959.

And so the cooperative decided to build a hall of its own. Surprisingly enough: due to the shortage of time, the exhibition director had the hall built without obtaining a building permit. He only obtained official permission from the relevant city councillor afterwards. Such a move would be impossible today. The hall was opened in 1961.

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