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City Lounge and Hall 1: New dimensions in Basel

Published on 7/8/2016 by
Messe Basel City Lounge (MCH Group)

A project bigger than anything before it: in the early summer of 2006, architects Herzog & de Meuron presented their plans for a new exhibition complex. Seven years later, Messe Basel had a splendid new Hall 1. And Basel had a new landmark.

Shows such as Baselworld and Art Basel have always been very special events, but the new Hall 1, with its Event Hall and the City Lounge spanning Exhibition Square have made it into an even more illustrious occasion.

After the Basel electorate voted in 2008 in favour of constructing the new complex designed by Herzog & de Meuron, building work started on the CHF 430 million project in 2010. In 2013, the new complex was opened right on time for Baselworld. Today, the new complex forms the new Hall 1, together with the exhibition hall designed by architect Theo Hotz which was built in 1999. On the first floor, the continuous floor space extends over a length of 420 metres. A hall height of up to ten metres provides sufficient space for multi-storey stands and the more demanding requirements of the exhibitors. Since the opening of the complex in April 2013, most of the exhibitors at Baselworld have arrived with impressive new stands: higher, bigger and more luxurious.

And, for Basel, the new exhibition building with its undulating, elastic-look facade and the open City Lounge over Exhibition Square constitutes a new landmark.

Messe Basel, City Lounge Halle 1 (MCH Group)

 Messe Basel, City Lounge Halle 1 (MCH Group)

Messe Basel City Lounge (MCH Group)

Baselworld, Messeplatz Messe Basel (MCH Group)

Messe Basel, City Lounge Halle 1 (MCH Group)

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