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Forgotten fairs and one-off events

Published on 11/7/2016 by
Gsund Züri (Messe Zürich, MCH Group)

100 years of Muba – a time span that many fairs can only dream of. A number of them disappear after just a few years already. Or don't even get a second chance.

Das Tier und wir (Animals and Us)

This specialist fair wished to raise awareness of the relationship between people and animals during Muba. But it came to an end after only four years.

Gsund Züri (Healthy Zurich)
This platform for health and well-being became indisposed directly after its première in 2011. There was no second edition as an independent fair. "Gsund Züri" was then taken over by Züspa, where it continued to exist as one of the sectors. Just as it had done before its trip into independence.

Sustainability is a trend topic. The "Nature" fair was only sustainable to a limited extent – as far as its own existence was concerned, that is. This Swiss forum for sustainability was only staged from 2007 to 2011.


In 2001, "Move!" was intended to attract the younger generation. The spotlight was to be on trend sports, music and games, training and beauty, plus other topics that occupy the minds of young people – at a fair was that was to be staged in parallel to muba. But Move! did not take off any further than a big preview event. Many colleagues remember "Move!" for a different reason – through its yellow envelopes being used for the internal post in Basel.

The International Pharmacists' Fair nonetheless managed to clock up 20 years, from 1968 to 1988.

The name explains it all: "Snow" was a show for sports, winter and relaxation. It was staged from 1975 to 1986 during the Autumn Trade Fair.

Amongst the third-party fairs too, there are plenty that have been staged over the past decades but have long been forgotten again and, at times, were only very short-lived. A small selection: "Knit", international knitting and knitting machine exhibition (1973), "Wire", international wire exhibition (1972-84), "Made in Turkey" - exhibition and trade fair for the Turkish textile and ready-made garments industry (1977/78), "Rehamex" trade fair for rehabilitation and the integration of the disabled (1978), "Interphex" fair for pharmaceuticals and the cosmetics industry (1983).

The fairs referred to in the text only constitute a small selection. The list does not claim to be exhaustive.

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