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From a start-up to a marketing consultant for the top Swiss brands

Published on 12/12/2016 by
Reflection Marketing for Expo Milano (MCH Group)

It took only a few years for Reflection Marketing to develop from a small start-up business into a leading marketing agency counting top brands like UBS, Heineken, Zurich and Swisscom amongst its references. In doing that, its Swiss proprietors have followed a simple but effective maxim.

 They have strategically repositioned brands like Audemars Piguet and Julius Bär (see picture below), worked out new live marketing strategies for Emmi and Swisscom and developed marketing concepts for the world expos in Shanghai and Milan (see picture above)  . They have always remained true to the motto: "Your brand is exactly as good as your customer perceives it". This has been the watchword according to which Reflection Marketing has worked ever since it was founded as a start-up by Pascal Kreder and Urs Stamm in Bassersdorf (Canton Zurich) in 2001. The approach adopted by the agency, which has specialised in consultancy for strategic marketing and live marketing, is already proclaimed clearly by its name: "Reflection". This means the consistent inclusion of the target group’s point of view in strategies and solutions, and this is something that is otherwise scarcely covered in the consulting sector.

Seen from the target group’s perspective 

It was this recognition more than ten years ago that led the two founders, who at the time were members of the management of Mastercard/Europay, to set up their own business. Pascal Kreder remembers that "in the intensive work we did with agencies, it was striking that there was inadequate consideration of concepts and strategies from the point of view of the market". Does the concept cover the needs of the target groups? Is it sufficiently relevant? Does it work in the marketplace? In order to close this gap in consultancy services, Kreder and Stamm finally founded Reflection Marketing AG.

It took very little time for the for the company to establish a successful footing on the market. Only a matter of weeks after its creation, it was commissioned by the large commercial bank, UBS, to develop a new strategy for the UBS KeyClub. Following this, more and more top clients were won over for the portfolio. Another important chapter in the company’s history began in 2003 when it entered into cooperation with the Geneva-based event agency, MCI. Reflection Marketing developed novel, professional measurement tools for MCI events and congresses and, in doing so, built up skills in live marketing.

25 of the 50 top Swiss brands as clients

In order to be able to grow further, the company moved to new premises in Dübendorf (Canton Zurich) in 2004, and its current home is in Wallisellen. Starting in 2007, Reflection Marketing added new strategy models and measurement solutions to its range of services and in particular strengthened its positioning in strategic marketing. That certainly paid off, for in the years that followed the company became established as a top address for marketing consulting and live-marketing consulting. In 2105, 25 of the top Swiss brands were amongst the clients served by Reflection Marketing. "Although only a small marketing agency," Kreder reports, "we were entrusted with realigning top brands and their budgets running into millions. That is not something that happens automatically".


Reflection Marketing for Julius Bär (MCH Group)

The next step came in 2015, when Reflection Marketing was acquired by the live-marketing company, MCH Group, on 1 January. Today, the agency is being run as an autonomous subsidiary within the group. Its range of activities encompasses numerous consulting services in marketing and live marketing. Its most important services include audits and models for controlling the marketing and communication strategy and also the ideal positioning of businesses. In live marketing its consultants review and develop strategies for businesses and also check and strengthen sponsoring arrangements, events and trade fairs with measurement tools developed in house. In addition to that, Reflection Marketing provides support to distinguished national and international sports associations and event organisers in repositioning their events and in improving their marketing. It always has its focus on optimum external perception and customer experience.$

Further information about the company and its range of services is to be found on Reflection Marketing AG’s website


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