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Extraordinary General Meeting of 29 January 2020

The Extraordinary General Meeting followed the proposals of the MCH Group's Board of Directors and rejected all the shareholder proposals by a clear majority.

The Extraordinary General Meeting was attended by 162 shareholders, representing - together with the independent proxy - 87% of the voting rights. The motions of the AMG Group were rejected by a clear majority, the motions concerning the disclosure of business records and the initiation of a special review of the strategyy were rejected by 78% and 77% respectively, and the motion tfor changes to the Statutes was rejected by 73% of the votes.

Written answers to the questions in connection with the shareholder's proposal to initiate a special audit on strategy:

Annual General Meeting of 2 May 2019

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 2 May 2019 (in German).

Statutes and Regulations MCH Group AG

The Statutes, the Organisational Regulations, and the Regulations governing the specialist committees are posted in german language.


29 January 2020
Extraordinary General Meeting 
MCH Group Ltd.

26 March 2020 
Results 2019 and Business Report 2019
MCH Group Ltd. 

1 April 2020
Invitation Annual General Meeting 2020
MCH Group Ltd.

24 April 2020
Annual General Meeting 2020
MCH Group Ltd.

2 September 2020
Half-year results 2020
MCH Group Ltd.


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