Corporate Principles


The MCH Group has set itself the goal of developing further nationally and internationally as an integrated live-marketing group and of being the market leader in its segment of the event and exhibition industry through top-class products and services.

Fundamental values

  • The overriding objective of the MCH Group is to ensure its long-term business success for the benefit of all stakeholders (shareholders, employees, suppliers and society).
  • As a privately owned, profit-orientated business, the MCH Group subscribes to the fundamental values of a democratic state governed by the rule-of-law and the fundamental values of a free market economy.
  • Human dignity and respect for the values of the various cultures are central and fundamental values of the MCH Group. It is neutral in matters of politics and religion.
  • Compliance with the legal provisions and the application of serious business practices are axiomatic for the MCH Group. That also includes rejecting the direct or indirect offering and acceptance of bribes and the granting of illicit advantages when placing orders.
  • Economic, ecological and social sustainability is an important success factor for the MCH Group and is thus of great importance in its strategic decisions. It requires sustainable behaviour in all areas and at all levels.
  • The MCH Group is fully aware of its social responsibility towards its employees and ensures that working conditions are safe and in no way deleterious to health. It actively supports further training for its employees. It expects them to possess integrity and loyalty and to identify with their jobs and the company.
  • As regards leadership, control, transparency and information, the MCH Group is bound by the existing statutory provisions that are relevant for corporate governance, the Directives issued by SIX Swiss Exchange and the rules laid down in the Swiss Code of Best Practice.
  • The MCH Group expects of its business partners that they will act in accordance with principles that correspond to its own Corporate Principles.


  • The MCH Group’s employees work in a responsible and success-orientated manner. Their performance is measured in terms of the company’s targets as communicated and the individual goals agreed on. Attainment of the objectives is appropriately rewarded by a success-dependent component in the salary model.
  • The MCH Group regards itself as a learning organisation. Employees endeavour constantly to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their work and to increase the values created for the customers and the company.
  • The employees are professional and obliging in their dealings with customers. They endeavour to fulfil the customers’ expectations. In placing orders, they are noted for their fair conduct of negotiations, clear agreements and reliable payment for performance.
  • The employees foster an entrepreneurial team spirit. Comprehension for the different functions and an appreciation of the various jobs done within the company create a climate of esteem and loyalty amongst colleagues and promote productive cooperation.
  • The employees communicate openly, objectively, consistently, and thus credibly and effectively, with all internal and external target groups. They have the right and duty to receive and/or obtain the information needed for their activity. They share their knowledge with colleagues who are able to benefit from it in performing their work.
  • The MCH Group’s top managers have the necessary specialist and social skills. They demand performance from their employees and support their development. They are committed and able to make decisions. They act responsibly and in a goal- orientated manner.