MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel) Ltd.

MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel) Ltd. – abbreviated: MCH Basel Exhibition – has its roots in the “Schweizer Mustermesse” Cooperative (Swiss Sample Fair) which was founded in 1916 in Basel and later gave rise to “Messe Basel”. In 2001, “Messe Basel” merged with the then “Messe Zürich” exhibition centre to become Swiss Exhibition, and is now the MCH Group.

MCH Basel Exhibition is responsible for operating the exhibition and congress site in Basel and also for holding some twenty fairs and exhibitions staged by the MCH Group itself.

MCH Basel Exhibition has 306 employees (31.12.2015). It is run together with MCH Messe Zürich within a single organisation.

Board of Directors
René Kamm, Chairman
Christophe Biollaz, Vice-Chairman
Stephan Peyer

René Kamm, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Exhibitions
Christophe Biollaz, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Peter Holenstein, Chief Venue Officer (CVO)
Stephan Peyer, Chief Development Officer (CDO)

MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG
4005 Basel
+41 58 200 20 20
+41 58 206 21 94