Corporate Development

The overriding objective of the MCH Group is to ensure its long-term business success for the benefit of all stakeholders. Its success is based on implementing its corporate strategy, which it is further developing all the time.
Over the past few years, the MCH Group has achieved 85-90 % of its operating income in Switzerland, where it already has a very strong market position. The nationally focused exhibition market is approaching saturation, however. As a sales market, Switzerland is losing more and more of its importance, as active and potential client groups become increasingly internationalised and globalised. The opportunities for further significant growth in Switzerland are thus limited. The digitised world constitutes another huge challenge, given that in years to come, "digital natives" are going to become the key decision-makers.

The following strategic thrusts are thus at the heart of the MCH Group's corporate strategy:

  • expanding the range of services in the field of marketing platforms (exhibitions and events) and marketing solutions (live marketing solutions);
  • further enhancement of the international nature of the product and services portfolio;
  • the development of digital offerings to supplement and extend the group's live marketing business.

The priority objective in the fields of watches and jewellery and also art and design is to reaffirm our worldwide leading position. Key developments have been completed in this respect over the past few years with the new concept for Baselworld 2013 and the further strengthening of Art Basel through the addition of Art Basel in Hong Kong. The position of these exhibitions is to be consolidated still further through additional measures.

Potential for organic growth exists for the national consumer shows if it proves possible to maintain or enhance their attractiveness for visitors through the provision of suitable formats. Further streamlining will probably be indispensable amongst the trade fairs. Here too, however, there is potential that can be leveraged by developing new formats.

MCH’s unrivalled network plays an important role in the implementation of its corporate strategy. The synergy potential of the marketing platforms (exhibitions and events) and the individual marketing solutions (live marketing solutions) is to be reciprocally exploited to the maximum possible extent. In the field of live marketing solutions, the group's competence and service offerings are being further expanded at the higher-ranking level of strategy and general planning so that big international clients can be offered "one-stop shop" solutions. To this end, priority will be given in future to the market segments of big cultural and sporting events and also to corporate events (including participation in exhibitions).

The MCH Group has already implemented or started work on numerous initiatives in the field of digital business. It intends to anticipate the changes, requirements and opportunities of the coming digital generation in good time and exploit the corresponding potential to support and complement the live marketing platforms.