The MCH Group and its activities are highly sustainable in economic, ecological and social terms: Its marketing platforms and solutions contribute to the success of a large number of companies and different industries. The concentration of supply and demand at a specific time and place makes sense from the ecological point of view as it eliminates the need for a large amount of travel all over the globe. The major economic impact instigated by its activities ultimately benefits the local community in the form of tax income.
Sustainability is a decisive factor in securing corporate success over the long term. The MCH Group thus endeavours to promote sustainable behaviour in all fields and at all levels and to constantly improve the sustainability indicators.


MCH Group promotes sustainable behaviour in all areas and at all levels.


The MCH Group has initiated the necessary transformation process.


Of the overall energy requirements of the exhibition sites in Basel and Zurich, almost 90 % are met by renewable energies.


MCH Group assumes its social responsibility.