With its marketing platforms and solutions, the MCH Group makes a contribution to strengthening the corresponding industries together with their national and international  clientele. It is noted for the exceptional quality of its products and services, which it achieves through its specialist competence and capacity to innovate, its thorough industry knowledge, its strong customer orientation and its anticipa-tion of market changes.

Exhibitions, congresses and events generate a major direct and indirect economic benefit. A number of studies have shown that exhibitions have a "knock­on effect" that is eight to ten times greater than their own turnover. This benefits a large number of sectors, including the construction industry and ancillary trades, hotels and restaurants, transport undertakings and the retail trade. With its commitment to the locations of Basel, Lausanne and Zurich as the key venues  for its exhibitions, the MCH Group assumes responsibility for its business locations and secures the corresponding economic benefit.

Through the implementation of its corporate strategy, which it has been consistently pursuing for more than ten years now, the MCH Group has been able to clearly expand its mar-ket position both nationally and internationally. With a view to the overriding aim of sustainably ensuring the company’s success, the MCH Group regards it as crucial to push ahead with implementing its selectively targeted strategic initiatives. In the 2016 reporting year, it successfully implemented a number of specific projects aimed at expanding its range of services and boosting the group’s internationalisation and digitisation, and put further specific projects on track for implementation in the course of the current business year.

Sustainability Report 2016 - Economic