The MCH Group invests continuously in the optimisation of its environmental indicators: in the construction and operation of its buildings and systems by increasing energy efficiency, employing renewable energies and reducing  emissions; in its logistics through in­house­developed logistics and transport concepts and, as far as possible, underground delivery to reduce the burden on the environment and the local neighbourhood; in the production of stands and equipment through the selection of materials, energy­efficient production and also climate­neutral offers.

The Basel­Stadt Minergie certification agency awarded the new Messe Basel complex, which was brought into operation in 2013, the BS­054 Minergie label, which was developed especially for it. Messe Basel and Messe Zürich cover their entire electricity requirements with 100 % renewable energy.

Great importance is attached to ecological sustainability in the field of stand construction too. Since 2014, Expomobilia has covered its entire electricity requirements with Swiss green electricity obtained from FAIR POWER, an independ-ent green electricity specialist. The FAIR POWER certificate guarantees that this electricity has been generated ecologi-cally and is fed into the grid for Expomobilia.

Photovoltaic systems are in operation at Messe Basel and Messe Zürich and also at Expomobilia in Effretikon and Fehraltorf, which together produce an average of 2 000 000 kWh of electricity each year. CO2 emissions are reduced by approximately 1 200 kg CO2­e per year in this way.

Sustainability Report 2016 - Environmental