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"Technology to the rescue?" The Swissbau trade fair for the construction industry focusing on opportunities and risks

Published on 1/4/2016 by Christoph Spangenberg

New technologies can make their mark on the future in the construction industry too. At the same time, technology imposes restrictions and limits freedom and creativity. Is state-of-the-art technology coming to our rescue? Or do people need to rescue themselves from technology? The answers will be provided at Swissbau Focus. This series of events is being staged from 12 to 16 January while the Swissbau construction trade fair is running in Basel.

MCH Group Swissbau Focus

At Swissbau Focus, guests from the construction industry, politics, business, the media and public authorities will be discussing which technical developments are currently taking place and what impact these are having on construction. Fully in keeping with this year's motto for Swiss Focus: "Technology to the rescue?" The 60 events will focus on topics such as digital transformation, architecture and planning, land use planning and infrastructure construction, building-services engineering and interior design, energy technology and education.

Discussions on energy for the future and improved networking

"Technology has always played a key role in construction.  The increasing digitisation and networking of planning and building processes is, however, taking the subject to an entirely new level", says Stefan Cadosch, President of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA). Opportunities and risks must be discussed. "The potential that exists for buildings cannot be exploited to the full through technology alone. People with vision and creative drive are also required", adds Daniel Büchel from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. This is why holistic and overlapping solutions are called for.

Daily innovation tours at Swissbau

Visitors can find out about various innovations directly at the fair by participating in guided tours. "Guided iTours" are available on the topics of energy, building-services engineering and Architect's Choice; these are organised twice a day.

>>> Swissbau, 12-16 January 2016, Messe Basel
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