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Exams in the Congress Center Basel: the start of long-lasting relationships

Published on 2/2/2016 by Christoph Spangenberg

The future of Switzerland's marketing sector sits lined up in rows in the Congress Center Basel (CCB). 750 marketing experts, 750 seminar tables. The written final examination. A mass racking of brains. Every year, thousands of experts and career changers sit examinations here – and generate income running into many hundreds of thousands of Swiss francs for Basel. For the CCB and Messe Basel, the tests often mark the start of long-lasting relationships.

MCH Group Congress Center Basel Prüfungen

The two-day examinations for marketing experts that are being held by the Swiss Marketing association this Tuesday and Wednesday mark the start of the test season. In August, 1700 technical sales clerks sit examinations over a three-day period, together with some 350 sales and marketing managers and, in June and November, future family doctors take the specialist examination held by the Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine.  More than 3400 people will be sitting examinations in either the Congress Center or Messe Basel in 2016.

Alongside all the exhibitions and congresses, the premises are popular for holding examinations with a large number of candidates. The Congress Center Basel has purchased more than 1700 identical seminar tables for this purpose. The same conditions for everyone.

Examination candidates as an economic factor

For the city of Basel and its surrounding region, the examination candidates, and particularly those from outside the region, are attractive in two respects. With their journey to Basel, and their accommodation, food and use of the cultural offerings, Basel City's External Affairs and Marketing department estimates that each person brings several hundred Swiss francs a day to Basel.

In addition, those sitting the exam are potential, qualified employees and residents for the future. "We hope that we can hand them a good visiting card and show them just how attractive Basel is," says the Marketing department. The examination sessions also strengthen people's perception of Basel as a centre of education. "The various examinations in the Congress Center Basel make a contribution to Basel's value added chain that should not be underestimated", explains Jonas Scharf, Head of the Congress Center.

From an exam candidate to a client or employee

For the Congress Center and Messe Basel, the end of the examination sessions frequently marks the start of a long-lasting relationship. "The marketing experts and the technical sales clerks, in particular, come back to us at some stage", says Scharf. Whether as a visitor to an exhibition or a congress, or as an exhibitor, supplier or employee.

Christoph Spangenberg

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