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Swiss-Moto 2016: motorbike trends, intriguing shows and a world-record bike

Published on 2/16/2016 by Christoph Spangenberg

Rattling bikes and cool shows: from 18 to 21 February 2016, Swiss-Moto will be opening the motorcycling season at Messe Zürich. More than 400 brands will be presenting innovations and trends at the Motorcycle, Scooter and Tuning Show. Featuring for the first time: a big off-road arena, a burnout show and youngtimer exhibition, the Swiss-Custom Backyard platform and a world-record bike.

MCH Group Swiss Moto Zürich

If James Bond had ridden a motorbike, then it would doubtless have been one like the 'Daytona Bike 1'. Packed full of unusual functions, it's ready to confront almost every situation. A special rear light, for example, is designed to keep wolves at bay in the wilderness. "The 'Daytona Bike 1' is a converted technical miracle with a whole host of gadgets to cope with all conceivable circumstances", explains its owner, the Swiss adventurer Urs Pedraita.

And with this superlative bike, Pedraita, who goes by the nickname of Grisu Grizzly, is intending to break a world record: a round-the-world-trip, with six continents in fewer than 100 days, taking the longest overland route, with temperature differences of up to 80 degrees. The trip starts on 13 March at the Daytona Bike Week. Prior to this, he will be spending four days at Swiss-Moto along with "Daytona Bike 1".

400 brands with trends and innovations

The organisers are expecting more than 65,000 visitors to the 13th edition of Swiss-Moto. And, at 235, the number of exhibitors is higher than ever before. On a total of 30,000 square metres, they will be presenting products from more than 400 brands for the bike industry, including motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes, accessories and clothing. When it comes to the manufacturers' innovations, the focus is on three main trends: functional all-round bikes, customisable neo-classics and electronic features to enhance all the different sectors.

Motorcycle boom in Switzerland

The market for motorcycles, scooters and quad bikes is booming. 48,813 two-wheelers were newly registered in 2015 – an increase of 9.2 percent. And demand is running particularly high for motorbikes. The number of motorcycles newly registered last year was up 17.1 percent according to the Swiss Advisory Office for Two-Wheeled Vehicles (SFZ/OSCD). This was due to the good spring and summer weather, as well as to more favourable prices due to the euro discounts granted once the Swiss franc was no longer tied to the euro. A total of 430,000 motorbikes are officially registered in Switzerland.

Star motorcyclists in the off-road arena

With genuine rocks, trees and wood chips, one section of the exhibition halls resembles a test site for Pedraita's world record attempt. The organisers have created an elaborate off-road arena for Swiss-Moto 2016, where visitors will be able to experience the different off-road disciplines and racing categories. Stars including Swiss MXGP rider Jeremy Seewer, Enduro champion Christophe Robert and sidecar world champion Daniel Willemsen will be staging riding shows and providing autographs. Another special show will be focusing on youngtimers – the legendary bikes of the 70s and 80s. And on the exhibition forecourt, riders will be smoking their rear tyres during the "Burnout Extreme" shows.

Swiss-Custom: paying homage to the art of customisation

MCH Group Swiss Custom Zürich

One of the highlights of the motorcycle fair is the Swiss-Custom customising and tuning show. Professional and hobby customisers from Switzerland and abroad will be portraying the fine art of customisation here. One new addition is the Swiss Custom Backyard, a platform featuring six creative enthusiasts with close links to the Swiss customising scene. And the most delightful custom bikes will subsequently receive awards at the Swiss-Custom Bike Show.

Swiss-Moto 2016 and Swiss-Custom 2016, 18-21 February, Messe Zürich. All the details and tickets at

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