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Powertage 2016: Switzerland's energy industry undergoing change

Published on 5/26/2016 by Christoph Spangenberg
The energy sector is caught up in a process of comprehensive change. The electricity supply of the future will be intelligent, networked and decentralised; innovative solutions are called for. At the Powertage, the meeting of Switzerland's energy industry, which is being staged at Messe Zürich from 31 May to 2 June 2016, specialists from the energy industry, federal authorities and politics will be engaging in discussions, and exhibitors will be presenting new offers and market trends.

Verzasca Staudamm

Major tasks lie ahead for the Swiss electricity sector. "The energy market is undergoing a comprehensive change. New market models and new technologies are emerging", says Marianne Zünd, Head of Policy and Media at the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, SPOE". It is a matter of decentralised energy production, own consumption, digitisation at all the value creation stages, convergence of the gas, electricity and heat networks and, naturally, the Energy Strategy 2050. All the players – public authorities, research, companies and associations – need to think about what their future will look like, says Zünd. "The Powertage are the ideal platform for engaging in discussions on this with each other." The SPOE itself is represented in the forum discussions and has a stand at the Powertage.

Specialist forum: energy policy turnaround, hydroelectric power, decentralised electricity generation

Experts from the energy industry, the federal authorities and politics will be speaking in the specialist forum. On three mornings, the experts will be discussing the topics of integrating decentralised electricity production into the grid, the major change coming about in the energy industry, and hydroelectric power in competition with other forms of power.

Powertage Forum, Messe Zürich (MCH Group)

All the relevant companies from the electricity sector are represented in Zurich, whether they be big players, or small, innovative companies. Alongside the SPOE, a large number of industry partners will be present, including the Verband Schweizerischer Elektrizitätsunternehmen (VSE), electrosuisse (Association for Electrical, Energy and Information Technology), die Energietechnische Gesellschaft (ETG), the Schweizerische Wasserwirtschaftsverband (SWV) and swissmig, Verein Smart Grid Industrie Schweiz.

Power-to-gas cars: the latest research news

The Swiss universities will be providing insight into the latest research results and developments. Visitors can find out how a microturbine or a surge voltage generator works, and how much progress has been made on developing the power-to-gas car. This environmentally-friendly car runs off methane gas produced from excess wind and solar power. No power-to-gas vehicles are running on our roads as yet. But the change in the energy sector has, after all, only just begun.

Powertage 2016, 31 May to 2 June, Messe Zürich,

Photo: Schweizerischer Wasserwirtschaftsverband
Christoph Spangenberg

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