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A touch of luxury and the Caribbean: the Davidoff VIP Lounge

Published on 9/27/2016 by Christoph Spangenberg

In its new VIP Lounge, Swiss cigar producer Oettinger Davidoff AG is presenting the Davidoff Art Initiative and the company's products at the Art Basel Shows. To create the appropriate atmosphere, the traditional techniques of tobacco-growing and cigar production have been visually incorporated in the lounge made by exhibition-stand builders, Expomobilia.

Davidoff Collectors Lounge an der Art Basel, gebaut von Expomobilia (MCH GRoup)

The Caribbean is particularly close here. With its warm shades of brown, the colour concept in the Davidoff Lounge is reminiscent of cigars and dried tobacco leaves. The shadows cast by the partitions in synthetic leather simulate a palm roof in the Dominican Republic, including the corresponding play of light. A humidor and a bar have been specially designed for the Lounge. Its centrepiece this year is a big wall with 32 different cigar boxes, launched in conjunction with the 7000 boxes produced for the Davidoff Limited Edition 2016.

Davidoff Collectors Lounge an der Art Basel, gebaut von Expomobilia (MCH GRoup)

The newly designed lounge was set up for the first time in the Collectors' Lounge at Art Basel in Hong Kong and, in June 2016, was similarly deployed at Art Basel in Basel. It is being shipped to Florida for the show in Miami Beach in December. The Lounge was designed by the eminent "Atelier Oï" in La Neuveville, Switzerland, and manufactured by the Expomobilia exhibition-stand builders in Effretikon.

Art amidst warmth, luxury and authenticity

The assignment for the designer and stand builder: to express Oettinger Davidoff's basic values of respect for the natural environment, and its support for the traditional techniques of growing premium tobacco and the manufacture of cigars, in conjunction with the cultural heritage and contemporary artistic vibes of the Caribbean. The Lounge imparts those facets that we associate with the Caribbean: warmth, luxury, authenticity And it creates a space for presenting the products of Davidoff and the Davidoff Art Initiative. The initiative promotes contemporary art and artists in the Caribbean, strengthens art organisations and supports exchanges between the Caribbean and the world. It provides opportunities and visibility for art and culture from the Caribbean region, including the Dominican Republic, in which a major part of the company's production and workforce are located.

Davidoff Collectors Lounge an der Art Basel, gebaut von Expomobilia (MCH GRoup)

"By focusing on our commitment to art, the Lounge is intended to highlight the cultural contribution made by the Caribbean – a region which is increasingly attracting the critical and commercial attention of the international art market", explains Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard, CEO of Oettinger Davidoff AG. "In their work, Caribbean artists frequently experiment with topics such as identity, history, cultural encounters and convergences – topics which meet with interest worldwide, going beyond the Caribbean.

Davidoff Collectors Lounge an der Art Basel, gebaut von Expomobilia (MCH GRoup)

This year's Davidoff Limited Art Edition has been developed in cooperation with Franco-Jamaican artist, Olivia McGilchrist. Each cigar box contains an exclusive still from her specially commissioned video 'from many sides'. In moving images and sounds, this video art work shows landscapes, cultures, stories and people from the Caribbean. Also presented at Art Basel was a strictly limited collector's edition with 16 numbered copies of the video, a cigar box with a unique still from the video and a certificate signed by the artist.

You can see a short version of the video here:

Expomobilia, specialised in exhibition, event and pavilion structures, is part of the Live Marketing Solutions of the MCH Group.
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Photos: Oettinger Davidoff AG
Christoph Spangenberg

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