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Art Basel in Miami Beach: four highlights from the open-air Public sector

Published on 11/28/2016 by Christoph Spangenberg

During Art Basel in Miami Beach, Collins Park turns into a big open-air exhibition from 30 November until 4 December 2016. Taking up this year's motto of "Ground Control", inspired by David Bowie, the more than 20 site-specific works in the Public sector show how artists deal with the theme of space. We are setting out four highlights from the Public sector.

1. Arrow Sculpture by Tony Tasset

Hip or out, like or dislike? The two arrows pointing in opposite directions in Tony Tasset's "Arrow Sculpture" (2016) constitute a universal logo for society's constant appraisal of a whole range of things. "Arrow Sculpture" refers to the art market and the ever-changing preferences and tastes that prevail there. The work is presented by Kavi Gupta.
Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016, Public Sektor, Arrow Sculpture (MCH Group)

2. Naturaleza Urbana by Yoan Capote

Handcuffed trees: Yoan Capote's installation "Naturaleza Urbana" (2012) deals with the conflict between humans and nature that results from urban development. The work comprises a pair of oversized handcuffs in bronze locked around two trees. While one tree is already firmly enclosed in the handcuff, the second one is still small enough not to be touched by it. "Naturaleza Urbana" is presented by the Jack Shainman Gallery.
Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016, Public Sektor, Naturaleza Urbana (MCH Group)

3. Big Disobedience by Erwin Wurm

Headless in a grey two-piece suit: Erwin Wurm's oversized work "Big Disobedience" (2016) criticises society's enslavement to social and political correctness. "Big Disobedience" is presented by Lehmann Maupin.
Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016, Public Sektor, Big Disobedience (MCH Group)

4. Miami Mountain by Ugo Rondinone

A sculpture as colourful as Miami itself: Ugo Rondinone's "Miami Mountain" (2016) is made up of five brightly painted pieces of rock placed on top of each other, which reach up into the sky above Florida. This sculpture, presented by Miami Beach's Contemporary Art Museum, The Bass, has its geological origins in the so-called hoodoos. Hoodoos are tower-like sediment rocks in the west of north America that have been formed by erosion over the course of many centuries. The most well-known hoodoos are to be found in the Bryce Canyon National Park.

Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016, Public Sektor, Miami Mountain (MCH Group)

The Public sector is organised by Art Basel in conjunction with The Bass and curated by Nicholas Baume, Director of the Public Art Fund from New York. Public is open from 30 November to 4 December 2016. Admission is free. A number of the works of art are remaining in Collins Park until 15 March 2017 as part of a follow-up exhibition.

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