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Halle 622: An event location featuring industrial chic plus state-of-the-art event technology

Published on 2/22/2017 by Christoph Spangenberg

Fashionable industrial charm coupled with state-of-the-art event technology: Halle 622 is the new location for concerts and events in Zurich, offering space for up to 3500 people. The box-in-a-box concept by Expomobilia and the flexible event technology by Winkler Multi Media Events make for multifunctionality while simultaneously highlighting the character of these industrial premises.

Halle 622, Zürich (MCH Group)

Up until 2012, high-voltage systems were still being produced here, and now bands like Beginner and Soulwax are delighting audiences, and trade fairs and corporate events are dominating the scene. MAAG Music & Arts AG, the new company running the “Industriehalle 622” production shop built by ABB Switzerland in Zurich Oerlikon has had the premises converted into the “Halle 622” event location for the next five years. Up to 3500 people can now be accommodated in the 4200-square-metre event hall. And the focus of the hall with its fashionable industrial chic is on concerts, corporate events, exhibitions, conferences, gala dinners and shows.

Box-in-a-box concept: multifunctionality and character all in one

Aspects which at times prove mutually exclusive at other locations constitute the special feature here: multifunctionality and character all in one. “With the box-in-a-box concept, the hall is left in its original shape and simply has a wooden shell or box fitted inside it. A large number of elements have deliberately been retained as industry chic features”, explains Irene Graven-Koller, Head of Marketing & New Business at event and exhibition constructors, Expomobilia. As the general contractor, this subsidiary of MCH Group was responsible for implementing Halle 622 in its entirety: removing the old crane tracks, ventilation systems, offices, walls and production equipment from the hall and installing and connecting up heating, air-conditioning, fire protection and drains. And, of course, the installation of the wooden box: 13 metres high, 23 metres wide and 70 metres long, made up of pillars and beams in laminated timber and filled out with multilayer timber wall elements. Decoration and sound insulation at one and the same time.

Halle 622, Zürich (MCH Group)

And another special feature: the gallery on the upper floor. With its 312 seats, the gallery is mounted on a telescopic platform and can be retracted when not required. Sanitary facilities and the catering and backstage zones are housed in containers, and are thus mobile and temporary in the same way as the location in its entirety.

Event technology: a flexible setup to meet all requirements

The industrial chic supplements the state-of-the-art event technology provided by Winkler: 98 LED floodlights, a sound system for a whole range of setups, a full HD video system with a screen, rigging, moving lights and wifi. “The venue should adapt itself to the customer’s requirements and not the other way round”, says Michel Dubler, Head of Business Development at Winkler Multi Media Events. Winkler has installed all the event technology and is in charge of the rigging, the stage, the lighting, the audio and video systems and the wifi installation. The flexible installations and the optional equipment available on site thus cover almost every need. Customers can either work with the available installations or bring their own equipment, as is the case with tour productions.

Halle 622, Zürich (MCH Group)

“We have taken care to ensure that conversion costs are kept to a minimum and that work can be carried out with limited personnel and other resources”, says Dubler. During the five years that Halle 622 will be in operation, Winkler will be looking after all the technology and supporting customers on site. And the company will also be offering additional services, such as customised visitor apps, event design, visualisations, livestreaming and simultaneous interpretation. Everything is possible – but nothing is a must.

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Expomobilia is specialised in exhibition, event and pavilion structures as well as in creative brand showcasing in three dimensions. Winkler Multi Media Events is the leading Swiss event solutions service provider for multimedia and 3D live communication. Both companies form part of the live marketing solutions offered by MCH Group.

Halle 622, Zürich (MCH Group)
Christoph Spangenberg

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