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New Naturalness: the 2017 garden trends at Giardina Zurich

Published on 3/2/2017 by Christoph Spangenberg
Luxuriant growth and full of character: that’s what’s in store at Giardina, the indoor garden exhibition being staged at Messe Zurich between 15 and 19 March. A total of 30 000 square metres will be given over to the latest trends for gardens, balconies and terraces. One particularly acclaimed feature this year is living, near-natural designs. We present six spectacular gardenscapes on the theme of "new naturalness".

1. Urban yet wildly romantic: a backyard transformed into a court garden

Indigenous shrubs and trees growing vigorously around a cooling bathing pond: at Giardina 2017, Winkler Richard Naturgärten shows that a backyard by no means has to be bare and uninviting and makes the backyard into a wildly romantic court garden. To offer all the neighbours corners into which they can withdraw, masonry elements and other partitions divide up the garden into different zones. Two trees and a pergola covered in scented creepers provide privacy by the bathing pond. . Winkler Richard Naturgärten: "Urban freshness – from backyard to court garden", Hall 1, Stand D40.

Giardina - Leben im Garten 2017 (MCH Group)

2. A jungle of hanging plants and cascading water

A garden like a short excursion to a faraway place. Berger Gartenbau & Livingdreams have created an enchanted oasis featuring a willow den, large sandstone slabs and a jungle of hanging plants and cascading water and have provided subtle illumination with textile lampions. . Berger Gartenbau, Livingdreams: "Cocooning Nature", Hall 1, Stand B10.

Giardina - Leben im Garten 2017 (MCH Group)

3. Garden of Poetry: a wall of 10 000 books and live readings

A wall comprised of more than 10 000 old books and an equipment trailer converted into a book pavilion make the show garden by Kobel Gartengestaltung and Baumschule Lamprecht into a "Garden of Poetry”. The dominant features are natural materials, carefully selected plants and a clear and simple language of shape. Natural stones, water basins and untreated steel complement highly expressive plants, and together create a harmonious atmosphere. The daily highlight is that at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 and 19:00 authors from the "Reportagen" magazine read out breathtaking ten-minute reports from all around the world. Quite simply a garden paradise for literature lovers. Kobel Gartengestaltung, Baumschule Lamprecht: "Garden of Poetry", Hall 1, Stand B25

Giardina - Leben im Garten 2017 (MCH Group)

4. The garden as a source of energy

Of a modern design and yet still with a natural feel: Egli Grün’s gardens are a source of strength and energy, in which customers can experience all the elements and the seasons. To achieve that, the garden designers make use of plants with different leaf and blossom shapes, expressive solitary plants, indigenous natural stones with unworked surfaces and Swiss timber. At the heart of the show garden presented at Giardina is a rock from Val Calanca in Canton Graubünden, which serves as a barbeque and cooking point.  Egli Grün: "If not here, then where ", Hall 2, Stand E01

Giardina - Leben im Garten 2017 (MCH Group)

5. Outdoor living spaces in natural stone and genuine wood

Gardens and terraces featuring natural stone and genuine wood are the most natural of all living spaces – such is the conviction of garden designer Daniel Meyer. At Giardina he has created a natural, elegant outdoor living room with a spacious outdoor kitchen, including a garden stove, along with a sunken diningand lounge area.. Daniel Meyer Gartengestaltung AG, Hico Feuerland: "Fun under the open sky", Hall 2, Stand F05.

Giardina - Leben im Garten 2017 (MCH Group)

6. Green not Grey: how open spaces become garden oases

Green oases for town-dwellers: commissioned by JardinSuisse, the Swiss association of garden businesses, Lustenberger Schelling Landschaftsarchitektur, illustrates how today’s town planners design public spaces and urban piazzas with transitions to green zones left to nature’s devices. The tidy, formal piazza contrasts with the wild, romantic transition to the park. That’s the way recreational niches with the feel of gardens come into being in public spaces. Ecologically meaningful and with a variety of uses. Lustenberger Schelling Landschaftsarchitektur: “Green not Grey”, Hall 1, Stand C10.

Giardina - Leben im Garten 2017 (MCH Group)

Giardina is being held from 15 to 19 March 2017 at Messe Zurich. In addition to New Naturalness, this year’s trend themes include Balcony Gardening and Passion for Craftsmanship. All the information at
Pictures from the previous years:
Giardina - Leben im Garten, Messe Zürich (MCH Group)
Christoph Spangenberg

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