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BRICKLIVE: 6 reasons to visit the LEGO paradise in Basel

Published on 5/5/2017 by Christoph Spangenberg

You’ve never seen so much LEGO! BRICKLIVE is the world’s biggest show for LEGO fans and is being staged in Basel for the first time from 12 to 21 May 2017. And coming with it will be no fewer than two million Lego bricks, brick art by professionals and fans, theme worlds from Ice Age and Star Wars and countless opportunities for being creative yourself. Still not convinced? Then read these six reasons why Lego fans will love Bricklive Basel.


1. Brick pits: leap into the LEGO pools

It’s guaranteed that no one will get wet! Instead, millions of LEGO bricks are available in five brick pits for creative playing. For the youngest visitors, pits are available with big DUPLO bricks and XXL LEGO.

LEGO architects come into their own in the Architecture zone, where they can build apartment blocks, farms or fantasy buildings. Or they can model their own house in LEGO and place it on the giant Lego map – true to the motto “Build Switzerland”.


2. Ice Age, Star Wars, Kingdoms: the LEGO worlds

Welcome to the Middle Ages! In the Kingdoms theme world, dragons fly and princesses dance, and magicians and unicorns adopt their postures. Young damsels and dragon tamers can join in and help build a castle themselves.

From the world of the Knights we go straight to the Ice Age. Animals that have long since become extinct, like mammoths, dodos and sabre-toothed tigers, can be found in the Ice Age theme world. And the most impressive witness of the Ice Age: the mammoth. Made up of around 400,000 Lego bricks, it is more than four metres long, three metres tall and is equipped with giant tusks. Futuristic: in the Star Wars zone, fans of Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca create their own galactic empire – whether an insurgents’ stronghold, imperial starfighters or star destroyers.


3. Minecraft: play the classic game with LEGO

90 Xbox consoles, more than 100,000 Minecraft LEGO bricks and infinite possibilities: on a surface area of more than 1000 square metres, Bricklive visitors immerse themselves in a Minecraft universe – based on one of the most successful computer games of all times – and build their own world.


4. AFOL's: the LEGO Fan Zone

LEGO’s just something for children? Anyone who thinks that is the case is not familiar with the AFOLs. The Adult Fans of LEGO are grownups who have taken up LEGO as a hobby for the first time, or have returned to it after a long absence, or who have never abandoned their love of LEGO ever since they were children. At BRICKLIVE in Basel, they will be building railway stations and spaceships, holiday chalets and entire cities. This gives you an idea of what it can look like:


5. LEGO Shopping: sets, rarities and accessories

Brick Lane is the right address for those wishing to expand their Lego collections at home. Here, exhibitors will be selling LEGO sets, figures, gift ideas, rarities and a great deal more. And there is even more Lego in the Franz Carl Weber shop.


6. The Muba fair held in parallel: comedy stars and technologies of the future

Walk directly from the LEGO world into Switzerland’s biggest and oldest consumer fair. And, the best thing about it: your Bricklive ticket gives you free admission to Muba. The focal theme at this year’s Muba is “Mobility and Energy”. Exhibitors include electric car manufacturer, Tesla, the Uber transport service, the Swiss Transport Museum, and Swiss International Air Lines with a flight simulator. The Live-Acts Festival in the Circular Courtyard is featuring comedy stars like Kaya Yanar and Massimo Rocchi, musicians such as Adrian Stern, and the Oropax chaos theatre every day. Start-ups and local designers will be displaying their products, families will be testing different sport types, games and the ski simulator and, at the FC Basel stand, the professionals will be giving autographs.

Muba Live Acts (MCH Group)

> Bricklive - Built for LEGO Fans. 12 to 21 May 2017, Messe Basel. Info and Tickets:

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