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New brand image: an interview with Winkler boss Christian Künzli

Published on 10/20/2017 by Christoph Spangenberg
Christian Künzli, Winkler Livecom (MCH Group)
Winkler Multi Media Events is now called Winkler Livecom. Managing Director Christian Künzli explains in an interview just how the new brand reflects the development of Winkler and is setting out to establish Winkler as a creative and technical all-in service provider.

Winkler Livecom instead of Winkler Multi Media Events – why the rebranding?

Over the past six years, quite a few things have changed at our company. Following a less extensive rebranding in 2011 and a successful restructuring operation, we would now like to further develop our visual impact so as to reflect the Winkler that we have become today. We are naturally also aligning ourselves to the market conditions in this way. Creative and digital competences are called for more than ever before, which is why we set up our Event Design and Business Innovations departments a few years ago. In addition, we restructured our core process in Autumn 2015 so as to boost our customer-oriented added value. We are aiming to become known on the market as the leading Swiss event solution provider on account of our creative, conceptual and technical capabilities.

You have already mentioned the new Event Design and Business Innovations departments. What do the colleagues in these departments do?

The Event Design department is a pool of creative minds and experienced event specialists. In this way, we are able to combine competence from the creative, communicative side with technical and planning capabilities. Business Innovations looks into the latest digital trends and attempts to develop new business fields from them. With these two departments we can present ourselves as both a creative and a technical service provider and draw on these abundant resources when working on projects. Our customers thus benefit from our technical know-how combined with our creative approaches.

Winkler Livecom, Launch of the new brand (MCH Group) 

What does digitisation mean in live communication?

Digitisation extends the added-value chain of live communication. To be more specific: an event is not only staged, it is also exploited in communication terms in the run-up to the event and during the follow-up phase. These additional platforms make it all the more important to produce content that the event organisers can subsequently use in their own communications, for example. As far as the industry is concerned, it is thus essential to specifically offer services for this extended added-value chain, so that the customer can benefit from their event from the start right through to the finish.

You are also Vice-President of the Expo Event association. What are your duties there, what are you committed to achieving?

As Vice-President, I am responsible for the association’s finances, our suppliers, the admissions committee and the Xaver Award Sponsorship. The association is committed to promoting the development of our industry. Alongside training sessions and networking events, we wish to heighten awareness of live communication and boost its popularity.

Winkler Livecom is part of the MCH Group's Live Marketing Solutions

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