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Swissbau 2018: a new high-tech Parliament Building for Bern

Published on 1/4/2018 by Christoph Spangenberg
Swissbau iRoom (MCH Group)

Will the members of the Swiss parliament be present in the parliament building in the form of 3D holograms in future? Since the current parliament building is no long in keeping with the times, a new, digitalised high-tech building has to be created. It is being built from 16 to 20 January by the visitors to the Swissbau construction trade fair. This fictitious new building forms part of the special exhibition on digital transformation – the Swissbau Innovation Lab.

Is it possible to attend a parliamentary meeting in Bern, even though one actually happens to be in Basel? The hybrid chamber in the new parliament building will allow politicians to depict themselves in the form of a hologram in future. The members of parliament are then present in the form of digital, three-dimensional representations of themselves and can discuss and interact with the other members of parliament, despite being located somewhere completely different in physical terms. Security also plays a key role in parliament. Cyber security automatically detects the presence of people in all the different rooms. It is thus also immediately apparent if a member of parliament is entirely absent from a key meeting.

iRooms: participating in the construction process

These are just two of the many innovative functions of the new parliament building. It is intended to reflect the state of the art in digital innovations and interact independently with users and the environment. The new, fictitious high-tech parliament on the River Aare in Bern is to open in August 2025. It is being planned and built by visitors to the Swissbau construction trade fair that is being staged at Messe Basel from 16 to 20 January 2018. In the iRoom set up especially for the trade fair, they meet up with the architect, site manager and facility manager for the construction project and solve a specific task. The latest technologies are available to them. "In this digital experience world, visitors to the trade fair find out how buildings will be planned, built, used and operated in the near future", says exhibition director, Ruedi Pfander. The project thus brings together all the players involved in the construction process.

Swissbau Innovation Village (MCH Group)

Special show on digital transformation

The construction of the new Parliament Building forms part of the special exhibition on digital transformation – the Swissbau Innovation Lab. Fifty partners from research, planning, construction and operation are presenting their products and services here, including both established companies and startups. The Innovation Village which similarly forms part of the special exhibition provides insight into current research projects and solutions from the field of digital transformation. What the future of the construction industry will look like is to be discussed by experts and politicians in the Swissbau Focus event format, including by architect Mario Botta, Benoit Ravaz, the Director of the Federal Office of Energy, and occupational psychologist Theo Wehner. The topics being covered include land use planning, the generation conflict, digitalisation and energy strategy.

Swissbau, 16 to 20 January 2018, Messe Basel. Information and tickets:
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Swissbau Focus (MCH Group)

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