MCH Beaulieu Lausanne: Concentration on the exhibition business

Published on 2/13/2015 by Christian Jecker

The MCH Group is setting out a new strategy for its activities at the Beaulieu Lausanne exhibition and congress venue. It will be concentrating on its core business in Lausanne in future – the staging of trade fairs and consumer shows. The running of the Beaulieu Lausanne Congress Centre and Theatre will be handed over to other operators.

The MCH Group with its head office in Basel, which takes in MCH Messe Basel, MCH Messe Zürich, MCH Beaulieu Lausanne and a number of event services companies, is faced with major challenges at its Lausanne location. The Beaulieu Lausanne Congress Centre and Theatre are running at a loss. Without the implementation of the "Taoua" project and the expansion of the hotel infrastructure, it will be impossible to remedy this in the foreseeable future.

In the light of this situation, the MCH Group has opted to reposition its activities at the Lausanne location. In future, it will be focusing on its core business, namely the staging of trade fairs and consumer shows in the exhibition halls. The Beaulieu Congress Centre and Theatre will be handed over to other operators. It is also planned to transfer the running of the car park to a new partner. In addition, the MCH Group is intending to reduce its Facility Management department to those management duties that cannot be outsourced, and will be appointing external partners for the provision of services.

Development of the Lausanne exhibition venue

The MCH Group is still convinced that Beaulieu Lausanne has the potential to successfully assert itself as the leading exhibition venue in western Switzerland. Coordinating with the Fondation de Beaulieu – the owner of the land and the buildings – the MCH Group want to focus its resources in Lausanne on the development of activities related to MCH and third-party exhibitions. As far as the operation of the Beaulieu Congress Centre and Theatre are concerned, the MCH Group will ensure a smooth handover and provide a high quality of service for its customers in the transition period up until the end of 2016.

Initiation of a consultation procedure

Handing over the running of the main building to a new operator, which is planned for some time within the next 18 months, requires the opening of a consultation procedure, since 25 to 30 employees could be affected by the restructuring. 

The MCH Group is endeavouring to find individual solutions for all the employees concerned. Some of the affected employees will probably be taken over by the new operators and partners. The MCH Group is drawing up a social plan for all the employees involved.

The MCH Group has informed the local authorities and the employees of the planned restructuring. The consultation procedure will run until 6 March 2015. After that, the MCH Group will announce the measures and modalities it has decided on.

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