Grand Basel Partnership with Miami Beach Made Official at Signatory Event

Published on 5/16/2018 by Lana Nyfeler
Mark Backé, Grand Basel, and Dan Gelber, Miami Beach Mayor

MCH Group, the parent company of Art Basel, confirmed it will launch Grand Basel as its second American event, to take place in Miami Beach in February of 2019. The Mayor of Miami Beach and the Global Director of Grand Basel each signed the official agreement at Miami Beach City Hall on Wednesday, May 16.

“The City of Miami Beach has been an exemplary partner with Art Basel for the past sixteen years, so it’s with great pleasure that we now join together to solidify the North American presence of Grand Basel,” said Mark Backé, Global Director of Grand Basel. “From Miami Beach, we will be able to reach an extensive audience of discerning car collectors and enthusiasts who are eager for a show like no other, one that positions the automobile in a curated environment, where it can be elevated to that of a work of art.”

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber stated, “Miami Beach is fortunate to have Grand Basel launching its American show from our City. We all look forward to making this another premier international event for many years to come.”

Grand Basel is much more than an automotive fair, with engaging panel discussions among the numerous experts in attendance emphasizing a commitment to raising critical questions and creating precious experiences. Curated by internationally renowned personalities, it opens new pathways to explore the cultural context –- and to take the discourse to a new level.

In advance of Grand Basel Miami Beach, the inaugural show will take place in Basel, Switzerland from 6 to 9 September 2018. Then, from 22 to 24 February 2019, Miami Beach will become home to the world’s most outstanding automobiles. Both events will bring a different collection of the top vehicular examples of sophisticated design to each venue in a beautifully constructed, pioneering setting. With an expected 200 remarkable vehicles from the past, present and future to be on display in February, Grand Basel Miami Beach promises to offer an unparalleled view of the automobile as an aesthetic, technological and cultural icon.

The future of Grand Basel Miami Beach will offer collectors, restoration and conservation experts, dealers, manufacturers and connoisseurs a global platform for exchange. This one of a kind show will welcome automotive masterpieces, and will create a venue for the international community who share the same passion for the automobile and view it as a multi-dimensional cultural asset.

About Grand Basel
Grand Basel is the ultimate show for automotive masterpieces. Showcasing a top-of-the-range selection of cars from the past, present and future, Grand Basel is the first and only show to present the automobile in the cultural context of art, design, architecture and lifestyle. Exhibits are selected by an independent advisory board consisting of renowned experts from various fields.

Grand Basel addresses a discerning audience of collectors, restoration and conservation experts, dealers, manufacturers and connoisseurs, offering a global platform for exchange. The show is being organized by the MCH Group, a leading international live-marketing company headquartered in Basel, which is also responsible for Art Basel, Baselworld and Masterpiece London. Following its premiere in Basel in September 2018, further events are planned for Miami and Hong Kong.



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