• MCH Group launches Grand Basel as first global salon for the world’s most important automobiles

    Published on 8/31/2017 by Christian Jecker
    Grand Basel (MCH Group)
    MCH Group, one of the world’s leading live marketing companies headquartered in Basel/Switzerland, is launching a new global exhibition format: Grand Basel, the first global salon for the world’s most important and valuable automobiles of the past, present and future. For the first time, cars will be set and presented in the cultural context of design, architecture and art. Following its premiere in Basel in September 2018, further events have been planned for Miami and Hong Kong. Grand Basel addresses international connoisseurs, experts and collectors with the highest standards, as well as a general audience interested in automobile aesthetics, technological sophistication, arts and culture.
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  • Art Basel Cities: Buenos Aires will be the first partner city for new Art Basel initiative

    Published on 9/8/2016 by Dorothee Dines
    Art Basel announced today that it will partner with the city of Buenos Aires for its Art Basel Cities initiative. Together with the city, Art Basel will develop and host a vibrant and content-driven program of events. Carefully curated with Art Basel, these events will celebrate the local art scene and build lasting relationships between Buenos Aires and the international art world.
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  • MCH Group and Worlddidac Association end their cooperation

    Published on 4/21/2015 by Kathrin Ebner, Corporate Communications

    As of Autumn 2016, the MCH Group will no longer be organising the two education platforms of Worlddidac Basel and Didacta Schweiz Basel. The Group's cooperation with the co-organiser, Worlddidac Association, which dates back some 50 years, is being discontinued.

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