Exhibitors | Customs

For the import of goods that are only being imported temporarily into Switzerland, we recommend the "Carnet ATA" international customs document.

For customs clearance, a customs office is available for you directly on the exhibition site. At the Swiss border customs office, you should therefore make sure that you request transit clearance to the Messe Basel customs office.


Request the customs document from the competent Chamber of Industry and Commerce (this can be done up to two days prior to import).

Open the document at the relevant customs office.

Upon import into Switzerland, the document will be stamped both by the customs office of the exporting country and the Swiss border customs office.

The customs declaration will then be made at the Messe Basel lorry checkpoint, where the transit clearance will also be cancelled.

The re-export procedure will be initiated directly at the Messe Basel customs office. At the border, the driver will undergo customs clearance at both the Swiss customs and the customs of the country of origin (one stamp from each customs office)


- low costs
- simple handling, and exhibitors can do everything themselves
- no lengthy waiting times at the border customs office


Goods that are being imported for direct sale must be cleared with a free pass (Freipass) with the aid of a forwarding agent. Goods of this type cannot be imported with a "Carnet ATA".