Information about COVID-19

In Switzerland, the measures against the COVID pandemic have been lifted.

In Switzerland, as of 1 April 1 2022 the last measures in the Covid-19 regulation special situation are repealed: the isolation obligation for infected persons as well as the mask obligation in public transport and in health care facilities. This marks a return to the normal situation, and the main responsibility for measures to protect the population now rests with the cantons. A transitional phase with increased vigilance and response capability is indicated until spring 2023.

Transition phase until spring 2023

The federal government and the cantons are planning a transition phase until spring 2023, during which increased vigilance and responsiveness will remain necessary. Structures must be maintained to the extent that the cantons and the Confederation can react quickly to new developments. This applies in particular to testing, vaccination, contact tracing, surveillance and the obligation of hospitals to report.