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Art Basel is a leading brand in the global art market. Our portfolio also features numerous leading B2B and B2C platforms in Switzerland in a variety of sectors.

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Our Live Marketing Solutions

MCH Global, MC2 and Expomobilia offer in the field of Experience Marketing holistic through-the-line solutions, from strategy and conception to implementation – worldwide.

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We have attractive and multifunctional event infrastructures in Basel (Messe Basel, Congress Center Basel) and Zurich (Messe Zürich). They are up to date from an ecological point of view.

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More interaction with target groups at events: 4 trends for optimum activation

Sponsorship occasions, events, consumer shows and trade fairs have one thing in common: they require ingenious activation to ensure that their full potential can be tapped when it comes to interacting with the target group.

Anyone wanting to establish a sustainable rapport with their target group and to differentiate themselves from their competitors must be ready for a new type of activation – and must be ready for it today. The four trends selected here show what activation is going to look like in future.

1. Target groups with new needs and expectations

A radical change is coming about in what target groups need and expect. In future, visitors to organised occasions, events and exhibitions will want a stronger customer experience, valuable additional content, genuine added value and more opportunities for interaction and participation. The visitor experience thus has to be changed and reconfigured on many different counts.

2. New digital elements

The real live experience remains the central element of live marketing. Despite that, the event experience is being increasingly enriched by digital elements and contents. Even today, visitors to events spend up to 40% of their time at the event on their smartphone. Attention is shifting away from the live programme towards the second screen. Presence, interaction, content with added value and spectacular additional experiences are what are required here.

3. Individual experience of an event and exciting additional services

More than 70% of events are still based on generic one-way communication. Future events can (and indeed must) be tailored more specifically to the visitors’ individual needs and preferences. Employing clear user profiles, it is possible to customise content feeds, upgrade services, assistance offers or visitor guidance for each visitor individually.

4. More “wow” effects through new technologies

Digitisation is also adding a totally new dimension to what visitors experience at events: dynamic projection experiences, three-dimensional experiences and augmented/virtual reality add-ons are just some of the new options. What is needed is to make meaningful use of these technologies and possibilities so as to ensure that, at the end of the day, their use provides the visitor with genuine added value.

A pure brand presence without any innovative activation or interaction concepts will be a non-starter in future. Both the options open to the target group and the demands that they place on live experiences are growing at an astounding rate. To achieve sustainable interaction with the target group, there will be a need not only for very much bigger activation budgets but also for new skills and resources.