Economical sustainability

The MCH Group provides a wide range of services in the value-added chain of experience marketing, which can vary from case to case.

We offer a unique live marketing network

Value chain

MCH Group provides a wide range of services in the value chain for experience marketing, which vary from case to case. These services are divided into three sectors which complement each other but can also function independently:

  • Offering physical, hybrid and digital platforms in Basel, Zurich and other locations in Switzerland and abroad, as well as online;
  • Operating our own venues in Basel and Zurich and supporting our own physical platforms and third-party events (third-party trade fairs, conferences and other events);
  • Accompanying customers worldwide through the entire experience marketing sector with comprehensive solutions, from the strategy and creation right through to implementation.

Economic impacts

A number of studies show that exhibition companies generate indirect returns which are eight to ten times greater than their own turnover. Only around 20% to 25% of the expenditure incurred by exhibiting companies when they participate in a trade fair goes into the trade fair organiser’s coffers, while 75% to 80% of the expenditure goes to various suppliers and service providers.

Our activities initiate major economic effects from which various sectors and the local regions benefit

If the results of these studies are extrapolated to MCH Group’s key figures 2019, the following estimates can be deduced for Switzerland (annually):


billion CHF spent by exhibitors and visitors


billion CHF direct and indirect sales


related jobs


million CHF tax revenue for the confederation, cantons, municipalities

Positive effects

There are other effects which cannot be expressed in figures, especially the positive impact which successful marketing platforms have on the relevant sectors and companies.

Live events often have a lighthouse effect in tourism terms for the locations where events are staged, as they have a reach and appeal which also benefit the city or country in question. For example, the Basel region is boosted by the fact that the leading global art event Art Basel in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong makes its name known throughout the world.

More information about our sustainability

Environmental sustainability

More than 80% of the overall energy requirements of the Basel and Zurich exhibition sites are met by renewable energies…

Social sustainability

We are committed to the fundamental values of a democratic state governed by the rule of law and a free market economy…

Our Sustainability Report 2023

With our sustainability report, we demonstrate our commitment to transparency and sustainability, optimize operational processes, reduce risks and ensure compliance with Swiss laws.