Social sustainability

MCH Group is committed to the fundamental values of a democratic state governed by the rule of law and a free market economy. Compliance with statutory provisions and the application of serious business practices come naturally to MCH Group. It accepts its responsibility towards society and all stakeholders.

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At the end of the 2022 reporting year, MCH Group had a total of 794 employees on permanent contracts occupying 761.8 full-time equivalents. The groupʼs workforce thus increased in the 2022 reporting year by 132 permanent employees (19.9 %) and 134.5 full-time equivalents (21.4 %).

For the provision of various services, additional temporary staff are employed. As of 31.12.2022, there were an additional 526 temporary employees with 202.5 full-time equivalents.

Code of Conduct

MCH Group introduced a Code of Conduct in 2018 to support employees in adopting a legally and ethically correct and responsible manner of behaviour. It comprises guidelines regarding the local setting, bribery and unfair advantages, gifts and invitations, conflicts of interest, the awarding of contracts, competition and anti-trust law, inside information and insider trading, data protection and behaviour towards work colleagues. It also describes the procedure to be followed in the event of alleged or actual infringements.

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Art Market Principles and Best Practices

In 2018, Art Basel defined a set of principles which outline Art Basel’s expectations of exhibitors in terms of their responsibility towards artists, artwork suppliers, buyers and their industry. A procedure for handling potential criminal actions was also drawn up.

With these additions to the Exhibitor Regulations, Art Basel wishes to make a contribution towards strengthening the international art market which is built on trust and protects and supports artists. The Art Market Principles and Best Practices were first used as part of the application process to participate in Art Basel Miami Beach 2018.

Brand protection

The MCH Group’s brands have a significant enterprise value. Brand protection provides legal security and a clear indication that the intellectual property rights of the brand in question belong to and are also protected by MCH Group. Currently, around 250 MCH Group word and figurative marks are registered with the Swiss Federal institute of Intellectual Property in Bern.

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Fight against corruption

An anti-corruption agreement has been included in MCH Group’s General Terms of Employment since 1992 and is signed by all employees as part of their employment contract. The provisions governing the admission of exhibiting companies provide protection against the risk of passive corruption. They are based on clear criteria which are set out in the Exhibitor Regulations. 

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