What are "Design & Regional Art Fairs"? Who is responsible for these fairs?

"Design & Regional Art Fairs" is one of the Business Units within MCH's Division "Global Events". It was newly created in 2016. It is responsible for the portfolio management of MCH's design fairs and regional art fairs. The responsible Managing Director is Frank Lasry.

Why is MCH investing in regional art fairs? What is the aim?

MCH's aim is to occupy a strong position in a strong art market. Local art fairs play an important role here, given their growing importance. By acquiring holdings in leading regional art fairs, MCH is setting out to support them in their further development, to enable them to expand their position within the region they serve. This will contribute to strengthening the regional art markets and eventually the global art market. It goes without saying that MCH wishes to benefit from the portfolio by participating in the success of the regional art fairs and building its position in the art market.

What are the criteria for evaluating a holding?

The most important criteria is the development potential of the regional art market and the regional art fair, the competence of the fair team and the forward-looking nature of the fair concept as well as the attractiveness of the site and the location.

Which fairs are part of the Regional Art Fairs portfolio?

The India Art Fair in New Delhi and the ART DÜSSELDORF, as well as the new ART SG, which will take place in Singapore for the first time in 2019.

With which potential partners is MCH involved in talks? Which is going to be the next fair in MCH's portfolio or regional art fairs?

MCH can not provide any specific information about this. Further investments are being clarified and prepared. 

What is MCH capable of contributing to the further development of the regional art fairs?

MCH can contribute its extensive experience as a fair organizer and also its comprehensive network of services. By bringing together the regional art fairs in a network it is, furthermore, possible to create and exploit synergies between them, for example concerning the fields of organisation, marketing & communication, and the building up of digital platforms.

How are the regional art fairs going to change?

The regional art fairs ought to maintain their specific "DNA". They will, however, be further developed to make them capable of assuming a position of leadership in their regional market or of building further on such a position. They are to achieve that primarily through the further development of future-oriented concepts and an extension of their services – in particular in the digital field too.

Are the regional art fairs going to become new brands?

No. The brands developed to date are going to continue to exist, but that does not, of course, rule out their further development.

Who is going to be responsible for the regional art fairs?

Responsibility for organising and staging the fairs is going to remain in the hands of the local, on-the-ground teams. Whenever possible, MCH will work with the existing teams and the organisational structures.

What plans exist in the digital field?

MCH is in the process of developing integrated digital platforms for the regional art fairs to complement the physical fairs. These are intended to offer existing and new stakeholders (gallery owners, collectors, art lovers, artists, partners) enhanced digital contents and services and also attractive interactive possibilities that will contribute to broadening and strengthening the corresponding community.

What role does Art Basel play in relation to the regional art fairs?

Art Basel is not involved in the development of the portfolio of the regional art fairs, nor does it have any influence on the development of the new portfolio.

Are other Art Basels going to come into being – either out of Art Basel itself or out of a regional art fair?

No. With its three continental platforms in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong, Art Basel is in a perfect global position. It would be impossible to have another art fair at the level of Art Basel.

What is the connection between the "Art Basel Cities" and the regional art fairs?

What is at stake with the "Art Basel Cities" is to launch new cultural projects in partnership with selected cities (the first partnership being with Buenos Aires) – not fairs but other event formats. This initiative by Art Basel has no direct bearing on the regional art fairs.

Art Basel and regional art fairs – is there not a danger of everything becoming "much of a muchness"?

No. Quite the opposite is true. Art Basel's global reach and the regional art fairs focused on various regions with their different "DNA" offer diversity tailored to suit the various market segments.