What was decisive for MCH in its evaluation of ART DÜSSELDORF?

ART.FAIR's development in Cologne to become the third largest art fair in Germany has been impressive. The move to Düsseldorf and the new ART DÜSSELDORF brand have added still further to the development potential. ART DÜSSELDORF's outstanding characteristics include its extremely competent and motivated team, a highly promising concept, an attractive city with a lively cultural scene (but without an art fair) and a unique venue. It is a classic example of a regional art fair with a very special, indeed unique, "DNA" and it fits perfectly into the profile of MCH's portfolio of regional art fairs.

What, on ART DÜSSELDORF's side, was decisive for the partnership with MCH?

ART DÜSSELDORF has major development potential. With MCH's competence as an exhibition organiser and the future synergies with other regional art fairs, this potential is being further expanded, as are the possibilities of making optimum use of it. The development of the fair in Cologne into ART DÜSSELDORF in combination with the partnership with MCH constitutes a perfect scenario.

When was art.fair International founded and who are its proprietors?

It was founded in 2003 by its general managers, Andreas Lohaus and Walter Gehlen. Lohaus and Gehlen got to know one another back in the days when they were both students at the University of Cologne. Lohaus was studying in the faculty of law and Gehlen in the faculty of economics and social sciences.

Who is responsible for ART DÜSSELDORF?

The existing team of art.fair International GmbH under the leadership of Andreas Lohaus and Walter Gehlen.

Why the move from Cologne to Düsseldorf?

The new location is on the boundary between the Rhineland and the Ruhr area, at the heart of a metropolitan region with ten million inhabitants and (what is of particular relevance for art and culture) in the middle of one of the most vibrant regions of western Europe. ART DÜSSELDORF is thus remaining loyal to the Rhineland, but, through its close proximity to the cities on the Lower Rhine and the Ruhr, is strengthening its ties with a conurbation that has traditions and expressions all of its own and a dense network of cultural centres. Apart from that, the "Areal Böhler" offers the opportunity to stage a fair in an extraordinarily attractive venue with massive potential for development.

What are the aims of ART DÜSSELDORF?

ART DÜSSELDORF is setting itself the target of becoming the leading regional art fair for modern and contemporary art in Germany, the Benelux region and the Rhineland. It wishes to appeal to established gallery owners and also new ones by offering them interesting contents, top-quality services and accompanying programmes and also extensive coverage in the media. It wants to make good use of the vast potential of the dynamic metropolis of Düsseldorf and the attractive industrial site of the "Areal Böhler" and also to reinforce networking with the city and region.

What are the conceptual pillars of ART DÜSSELDORF?

ART DÜSSELDORF is setting out to combine recognised achievements with innovations. It compares and contrasts the experimental and the canonised directly with one another, under one and the same roof. Eminent and young galleries present modern and contemporary art. There is to be a varied accompanying programme with talks and lectures as well as DJs and live events. The "15 Minutes of Fame" programme gives gallery owners the possibility of making projects known through live presentations. ART DÜSSELDORF is to be accompanied by its "sister fair", BLOOOM. As an open art competition, the BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER presents the finalists from all over the world.