Why has MCH Group chosen India Art Fair as its first regional art fair? Why India?

India Art Fair, founded in 2008, is South Asia’s leading platform for modern and contemporary art and a portal to the region’s cultural landscape. It has an excellent and unrivalled network across South Asia of collectors, galleries, artists, curators and art world VIPs. The partnership with India Art Fair gives MCH Group an ownership position with one of the best-attended art fairs in the world.

MCH Group has chosen India as the first regional art fair on account of the current growth and momentum of India’s economy, and its growing art market. Over the past decade the South Asia region has seen a great increase in cultural activity with the establishment of major new contemporary art initiatives such as the Kochi Muziris Biennale, the Colombo Art Biennale, the Lahore Biennale and the Dhaka Art Summit. In conjunction with this, contemporary Indian art has been increasingly prolific around the globe with major exhibits at The Guggenheim, The Met Breuer and Tate Modern. India Art Fair is the commercial centre of the India cultural infrastructure.

Who are the new owners of India Art Fair?

MCH Group owns a majority of the India Art Fair, a total of 60.3 %, while Angus Montgomery owns 29.7%. Neha Kirpal, Founding Director and Partner of India Art Fair, retains 10% and will continue to play a key role in the development of the fair.

Who will operate India Art Fair following the MCH Group partnership announcement?

Neha Kirpal will continue as Fair Director and will work with her existing team as well as MCH Group and Angus Montgomery to develop the 2017 edition.

What can we expect for India Art Fair 2017 edition?

MCH Group will work in partnership with the existing team at India Art Fair and the value of its engagement will fully come into effect from 2018.  

Will MCH Group rebrand the India Art Fair?

No, MCH Group will not change the brand-identity of India Art Fair. There will not be a "roof" brand.

What is India Art Fair's mission? And what are India Art Fair's indicators of success?

India Art Fair’s mission is to be the leading platform for the discovery and collecting of excellent quality South Asian modern and contemporary art. We work to facilitate cultural education and encourage cultural discourse. The fair’s goal is also to be accessible to all audiences, including seasoned collectors, emerging collectors, curators and the general public.  

India Art Fair measures success by the quality and range of work it shows, its innovation, its strong representation of the South Asia region, reported sales and the impressive footfall it gains (over 100,000 in 2016). India Art Fair also measures its success through the positive impact it has on the India art market as a whole. India Art Fair is looking forward to developing all these measures of success with the help of MCH Group.

What will MCH Group bring to India Art Fair?

MCH Group will enable the elevation to the next level of development, cementing the leadership position India Art Fair. This will include sharing knowledge and expertise regarding the offered services – physical and digital. India Art Fair will benefit from MCH Group’s knowledge as an international leading exhibition organiser as well as its digital expertise. We are looking forward to contributing to the further development of India Art Fair as a leading face-to-face and digital networking and transaction platform. It is not intended to make the regional fairs into global fairs like Art Basel.

"Developing India Art Fair as a leading face-to-face and digital platform” - what do you mean with digital platform?
MCH Group is currently developing a new digital offer for India Art Fair 2018. As the leading face-to-face platform for art in India, it deserves an integrated digital platform. This platform will be complementary to the galleries displays at MCH's regional art fairs – it will not be in competition. It is about facilitating and supporting galleries, partners and affiliates to interact with their stakeholders digitally and to engage better with them through digital channels like the website and app. MCH Group is excited to develop this and will reveal more details in due course.

Will MCH Group enhance India Art Fair’s government ties with either central or regional engagement?

MCH Group hopes to enable more public/private dialogue in the Indian contemporary art scene, and encourage more players including the Government to be more involved.