Disclaimer for MCH Group

Status of the Disclaimer: May 2018

By opening and using this website or app you agree to the following conditions. The term “MCH Group” used in this disclaimer refers to MCH Group Ltd. and all its group companies.

Terms and conditions

Neither accessing the websites/apps nor the downloading of contents from the websites/apps gives rise to a contractual relationship.

MCH Group or its partners and customers either own the entire contents of the website/app and the software used for this or have an exclusive right of use thereof. They are protected by copyright, industrial property rights and other intellectual property laws. 

The user is entitled to call up the contents of the website/app and save these, providing that the use of said contents serves only personal purposes and the contents are not commercially exploited and providing that neither the copyright notices nor other legally protected designations are removed. The contents may not be altered in any way. The contents may also not be copied, reproduced or used in any other way without the prior express consent of MCH Group in writing.

The MCH Group’s Data Protection Declaration applies in the case of personal data or personal contents.

MCH Group does not provide any guarantee – either expressly or tacitly – that the contents of this website/app will be constantly available, correct, accurate, up-to-date or complete.

In addition, MCH Group does not provide any express or tacit guarantee that the rights of third parties are not impaired, that access to this website will be possible on an uninterrupted basis or free from malfunctions and viruses, that this website/app is secure and that any recommendations or views of MCH Group that can be derived from this website/app are correct or reliable.

MCH Group does not assume any liability for damage or disadvantages resulting for the user as a result of the use or impossibility of using this website/app or resulting from the user having used or relied on this website/app or on the contents made available in it.

MCH Group also assumes no liability or responsibility for losses incurred in conjunction with viruses that have infected the user’s computer systems or other property after using, calling up or downloading contents of this website/app. To the legally permitted extent, the user hereby expressly releases MCH Group, its managerial staff, directors, employees, suppliers and programmers from any claims for damages resulting from the use of or access to this website/app.

This website/app may contain links or references to other (external) websites/apps or can be opened via links from other websites/apps over which MCH Group has no influence. MCH Group does not assume any responsibility for the availability and content of these other websites/apps and is not liable for any damage or disadvantages resulting from the use of such contents or from accessing these websites/apps. Any links to other websites/apps are included solely to ensure the user friendliness of this website/app. Users follow the link to such a website/app at their own risk. Furthermore, MCH Group does not assume any liability on account of violations or omissions in the data protection policy of third parties.

With the exception of the data and information protected by our data protection provisions, any message or any material that the user sends to the website by electronic mail or by any other means, including data, questions, comments and proposals or the like, will be treated both now and in the future as non-confidential and non-protected information.

Updating of the disclaimer

MCH Group reserves the right to modify or correct this disclaimer at any time.