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Art Basel is a leading brand in the global art market. Our portfolio also features numerous leading B2B and B2C platforms in Switzerland in a variety of sectors.

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Experience Marketing

MCH Global, MC2 and Expomobilia offer in the field of Experience Marketing holistic through-the-line solutions, from strategy and conception to implementation – worldwide.

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We have attractive and multifunctional event infrastructures in Basel (Messe Basel, Congress Center Basel) and Zurich (Messe Zürich). They are up to date from an ecological point of view.


The holding company MCH Group Ltd. with its head office in Basel is a joint stock company with the participation of public sector entities as per Art. 762 of the Swiss Code of Obligations. The MCH Group is under the management of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board of its holding company MCH Group Ltd.

Legal Structure

Companies held directly by the MCH Group Ltd. (100%)

  • MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel) Ltd
  • MCH Swiss Exhibition (Zurich) AG
  • MCH Beaulieu Lausanne SA
  • MCH Live Marketing Solutions AG
  • MCH US Corp. (MC2 Group)

Subsidiaries and participations of MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel) Ltd.

  • Art Basel U.S. Corp. (100 %)
  • MCH Group Asia Limited (100 %)
  • MCH Group France SAS (100 %)
  • Masterpiece London Ltd (67.5 %)
  • Design Commerce Technologies, Inc. (4.75 %)

Subsidiaries and participations of MCH Live Marketing Solutions AG

  • Expomobilia MCH Global Shanghai Ltd.(100 %)
  • Expomobilia MCH Global ME Live Marketing LLC (49 %)

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible inter alia for the company’s top management, for determining the corporate strategy and configuring the organisation, the accounting system and financial control, the internal control system, the risk management and financial planning, and also for preparing and conducting the General Meeting.

Elected by the General Meeting:

  • Andrea Zappia, London | Chairman
  • Marco Gadola, Engelberg | Vice Chairman
  • Markus Breitenmoser, Jona
  • Eleni Lionaki, New York
  • James R. Murdoch, New York
  • Jeffrey Palker, New Jersey

Delegates of the public authorities:

  • Christoph Brutschin, Basel | Delegate of the Canton of Basel-Stadt
  • Dr. Balz Hösly, Zürich | Delegate of the Canton and the City of Zurich
  • Dr. Dagmar Maria Kamber Borens, Basel | Delegate of the Canton of Basel-Stadt
Audit Committee (AC)

Dr. Dagmar Kamber Borens (Chairwoman), Markus Breitenmoser, Christoph Brutschin, Eleni Lionaki

Governance, Nomination and Compensation Committee (GNCC)

Christoph Brutschin (Chairman), Marco Gadola, Jeffrey Palker, Andrea Zappia

Strategy Committee (SC)

James R. Murdoch (Chairman), Marco Gadola, Dr. Balz Hösly, Eleni Lionaki, Andrea Zappia

Details of the membership of the Board of Directors can be found in our Annual Report.

Executive Board

The Executive Board appointed by the Board of Directors holds responsibility for the group’s operational management. Details on the members of the Executive Board can be found in our Annual Report.

Beat Zwahlen

Group Chief Executive Officer (Group CEO)

Michael Hüsler

Group Chief Financial Officer (Group CFO)

Andreas Eggimann

Chief Digital & Information Officer (CDIO)

Florian Faber

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Experience Marketing

Marc Spiegler

Global Director Art Basel

Management Structure

* Members of the Executive Board
Beat Zwahlen*
Group Chief Executive Officer (Group CEO)
Art & Art Related IndustriesMarc Spiegler*
Art Basel in Basel, Miami Beach, Hong Kong | Art Basel Digital Platforms | Masterpiece
Swiss EventsConstruction | Hospitality | Education | Life Science | B2C
VenuesCustomer Relations | Customer Services | Buildings & Operations | Ticketing & Cash
Experience MarketingFlorian Faber*
Switzerland (MCH Global, Expomobilia) | Germany (MC2 Europe) | UAE (MCH Global, Expomobilia) |
China (Expomobilia) | USA (MC2)
Digital & InformationAndreas Eggimann*
Digital Solutions & ICT | New Digital Business Models | Business Development
Corporate FinanceMichael Hüsler*
Corporate Finance | Corporate Procurement
Corporate ServicesInnovation & Business Development | Group Legal Department |
Corporate Risk Management & Compliance | Corporate HR | Corporate & Internal Communications