Code of Conduct

MCH Group has developed guidelines on the responsible and ethically correct behaviour of all employees, which are anchored in the “Code of Conduct”. This is valid worldwide for all the companies and locations of the MCH Group.

The Code of Conduct is based on the Corporate Principles and the Core Behaviours of the MCH Group and contains additional guidelines for key areas including the award of contracts, data protection, insider information and due diligence.

The most important values and principles of the MCH Group are:

  • We respect the fundamental values of a democratic state governed by the rule-of-law and a free and social market economy. Compliance with the statutory provisions and the application of serious business practices are a matter of course for us. Our decisions are always geared to economic, environmental and social sustainability.
  • We address our customers in a professional manner with the aim of satisfying them with high-quality services.
  • We strive to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our work, to anticipate future developments and to offer innovative solutions.
  • We work responsibly, adopt an entrepreneurial approach and promote productive cooperation with all our colleagues, extending beyond internal organisational boundaries.
  • In our actions and behaviour we are guided by our core behaviours of passion, professionalism, entrepreneurial spirit, agility and trustworthiness, and measure ourselves against these.
MCH Group | Code of Conduct | Juli 2018.

The Code of Conduct of the MCH Group can be viewed by the public and is made available as a file for downloading.

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