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Corporate Values

To master the challenges of the future, we have initiated a far-reaching transformation process. Our goal is the long-term value enhancement of our global group of companies for the benefit of all stakeholders: our employees, our shareholders and customers, partners and suppliers, our industry networks, and the business locations of Basel and Zurich. The focus of our strategy is on innovation, digitalisation and internationalisation.

“We support each other beyond our responsibilities.”

Florian Faber, CEO

In parallel to our economic transformation, our cultural transformation is taking place, at the centre of which are our corporate values. They describe our personal attitudes, our day-to-day interaction, our cooperation across team and national borders, and our behaviour towards ourselves and others. Our corporate values are the basis of our corporate culture which contributes to the success of our MCH Group, promotes the commitment and loyalty of our employees, and makes us attractive to new markets, customers and employees.

An investment in our employees is an investment in our future:
One Team.One Goal.One Culture.


We work as ONE Team: We network, share our knowledge, and support one another.

How do we live it?
  • We share our ideas, our knowledge and our expertise.
  • We’re eager to learn and encourage and motivate each other.
  • We think in the interest of the MCH Group and strengthen its competences.
  • Together, we add value to our company.


We lead by example:
We walk the talk.

How do we live it?
  • We empower and support each other.
  • We get inspired and actively shape our processes.
  • We are honest to each other and others.
  • We keep our promises and agreements.


Our mutual respect connects us: We unite – both in successes and failures.

How do we live it?
  • We listen to each other and are open to other opinions.
  • We are respectful, honest and supportive of one another.
  • We hold constructive discussions and come to a common understanding.
  • We celebrate successes and take responsibility for failures as a team.
  • We demonstrate and encourage tolerance, patience and understanding.


We measure our success by our customers’ success: We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and want them to succeed.

How do we live it?
  • We are as diverse as our global customer groups.
  • We know and understand our customers and their needs.
  • How we think and act is based on our customers’ interests.
  • We measure our success by our customers’ success.
  • We use our collective brainpower to benefit our customers, thus ensuring the sustainable success of our company.
  • We take in new viewpoints and look at things from different perspectives.


Challenging ourselves and our opinions is our forte: We try new things, are curious, and learn from our mistakes.

How do we live it?
  • We drive innovation.
  • We walk our path with courage and try out new things.
  • We’re prepared to challenge our own thoughts and actions.
  • We acknowledge other perspectives and can put ourselves in others’ shoes.
  • We foster a culture of open communication.
  • We learn from our mistakes and draw the right conclusions from them.


Our differences are our common ground: We see diversity as opportunity.

How do we live it?
  • We represent the variety of interests of our global clientele.
  • We accept differences, thus reinforcing our common ground.
  • We put the wide range of potential and the complementary skills of our interdisciplinary team to good use.
  • We value the personalities and skills of our team – regardless of origin, hierarchy, age, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
  • We approach everyone in an open manner and without preconceptions.
  • We respect other cultures, ways of life and attitudes, and see the diversity of opinions as an opportunity to broaden our own horizons.

“We are curious and learn from our mistakes.”

Sarah Borrey, Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer

Are you a thinker as much as a doer, creative as well as strategic and looking for a new challenge? Join us at MCH Group!

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