Premium Card Service

Your personal Premium Card gives you access to the fairs listed below. Detailed information on a specific event can be found on the corresponding website.

Messe Basel

  • Art Basel in Basel
  • Feinfestival Basel
  • Weinfestival Basel
  • HOLZ
  • Ineltec
  • Lefa
  • blickfang
  • Design Miami Basel
  • MUT
  • Spring Basel
  • Sustainability Days
  • Smart Suisse
  • Swissbau
  • Re Summit

Messe Zürich

  • Berufsmesse Zürich
  • Digital Festival
  • IFAS
  • Giardina
  • HACK Zürich
  • Powertage

Expo Beaulieu Lausanne

  • Salon des métiers et de la formation Lausanne
  • Habitat-Jardin

Other locations

  • Weinfestival Luzern

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